Sunday, March 15, 2009

Best Buys

The 2009 INSTYLE best beauty buys (april 2009) just came out & there are a few new things I am interested in. Just a few. I have been reading this list for ... gosh... ?? at least 5-8 years now, since this is my longest running mag subscription. So the "award winners" that have been mentioned year after year, have become staples of mine: Dior Show mascara, Tweezerman tweezers, Lancome Bi-Facil eye makeup remover... Check it out! They have numerous experts in the field that give their "favorites" & so its always fun to check out their opinion. They have been right on in my opinion (minus the pantene shampoo, still dont like it...).

Here's my 2009 drugstore run (sorted by brand so its easy to find at Target or Walgreens!):
+ Lipstick: Revolon Super Lustrous
- I am lipgloss girl myself, but I have a family wedding in May that's an evening one that might require a step up from my usual gloss:) I am going to look for a shade in rose, for that "just bit my lip" look. Not to be confused with "I ate too fast & totally just bit my tongue" look. Not cute.

+ Eye Shadow: Paris HIP Powder
- I am always looking for the nudes for everyday wear... Like to switch them out once in awhile.

+ Concealor: Erace cover up
- I used this around my nose, until i get the "zap out" w/ lasers... will give this a test drive.

+ Rosacea Treatment: Redness Relief SPF 15
+ Night Cream: Redness Relief
- hence the above mentioned red around my nose... :( its hereditary, so thanks uncle oscar (heard he had a big ole rosacea nose, I wont let it get to that point, believe me!)

+ Sport Sunscreen: Continueas Spray SPF 70
- I used this last year, its fab, just a reminder to myself to pick up a new couple of bottles for the season ahead!

And here's my more extensive shopping list....
+ Brow Filler (evidently we can only get this in 2 stores in our area - PRODUCT @ Bridgeport).
- Brows are my struggling dilemna... i would love to find a product for my brows that I cant live without. Maybe this?!

+ Exfoliator: Clarins one-step gentle cleanser.
- I usually cant use these yummy smelling things due to my sensitivity in my skin & so i am a faithful user of Sonja Dakar (The Skin Problem Specialists), but my Sonja Dakar organic scrub stings my face & I am going to take a guess that 'stinging' isnt what you WANT to have happening during an exfolliation. And not the good kind of stinging (is there a good kind of stinging?! Does that go with my "just bit my lip" look?).

+ Round Brush: G5 - they liked this one.
- I have the written-up Mason Pearson POPULAR brush (My sweet friend Darcy got that for me, its my FAVE & I have had it now for 5+ years!) - so now i am curious about this round brush that has similar bristles as the POPULAR.

Alright that's my shopping list.... Did anything catch your eye in this years recco's? Does Allure do the same yearly write up? I am toying with getting a subscription to that this year...???

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Barbara said...

Great list, gal! I highly recommend Allure, they have lists, too, however not sure what month that comes out. Also, my skin care goddess, Paula Beguon makes a list each year, too. Plus you can sign up for her newletter that reviews new products hitting the market monthly!!!!
Keep up the research!!!