Sunday, February 1, 2009

Headbands + Community Organizers

A fellow Etsy & Blogger found my headbands & posted in a little treasury she called "You Know You Look Good!" I was so tickled she liked a BIG flower & thought IT looked good! Because... ME TOO! :) I love the big flowers, love it when people appreciate them as well!

And what a little blessing that she did this because that's how I met a wonderful artist (the one pictured next to Ellie & the orange headband) & found the CUTEST homemade valentines that the girls will give out! Penguins to boot (their school mascot is the penguin!).

So thank you for finding the headbands! So far, I think we are off to a great start to doubling our giving this year to CARRA + The Ocular Immunology & Uveitis Foundation. There is no neat little code for the Uveitis Foundation, but let me tell you the powerful work that Dr. Stephen Foster & his team is doing for children like Charlotte! They are continually doing studies on children with uveitis & finding solutions to preempt any damage to their beautiful, young eyes. I am eager to support them this year!

Please check out my etsy site (on the right), read my mission & share if you can! I love doing custom colors, party favors, & birthday/holiday gifts! I plan on putting more up on etsy, and if you live nearby, I love to give you the "tote" of bands for you to peruse, share with your friends/neighbors. The tote has one of kind bands in there that are unique to the site.


Charlotte will be featured in a newsletter being sent to every participant across the nation in the National Arthritis Foundation Jingle Bell Run! We are happy to share her beautiful face with the world to show who this disease affects. Education leads to activism! Just ask our neighbors...

Young Community Organizers
Yesterday Emma & Ellie (7 & 6) met our neighbors & together they created a lemonade stand. Its January. It's cold, but the determination & excitement couldn't be dampened. So I made a pitcher, found some party cups & Emma made signs. They said, "25 cents a cup. 1/2 goes to Arthritis Research."

I asked her, "What is 1/2 of 25 cents?" um...... um......

She said, "Ya, maybe I shouldnt say that. But we want the money to go to Arthritis research."

I thought she better check with her teammates about that because they might want to split the money up & spend their portion on a new toy or new book. Emma said, "Well, I will try & talk to them." Shrug, ok. But I didnt say a word, its never anything I push. They can spend their money anyway they want so they can learn about how to spend/save/serve.

At the end of yesterday, the girls came running home, "Look at how much we made for Arthritis Research!" There were 2 $1 bills, and a cup of change.

"Now Emma, all of this is going to Arthritis research? Did everyone agree to this?" YES, she assured me. "Everyone wants it to go to arthritis & children like Charlotte."

Whew.... deep breath.... dont tear up.... breathe momma breathe. I didnt say a word, I just put the cup up on the windowsill & said, "Well I am really proud of you all & I am glad you had so much fun!"

Ever get that feeling that runs through your body that you might have done or said something right to your children & they actually might have listened & HEARD? That's what I felt & it gave me a full body joy that filled my heart & started spilling into my limbs to the ends of my fingertips & the bottom of my toes. That was an amazing feeling...


Today, the neighbor boys came over & rang the doorbell. They wanted to set up the lemonade stand again. Well we had been painting this morning & it had to be picked up before we could go anywhere. Cleaning paint cups & brushes took some time.... and it was a little colder this morning than it was yesterday. It wasnt long before the doorbell rang again, the boys said they were getting cold. The lemonade stand was closing for the day. And he handed Ellie another cup of money & change to add to yesterday's bounty.

Ellie (age 6) said, "Look mom! More money for Arthritis!"

Are you KIDDING ME!? Because they hadnt been out there long, who stopped by for a cup of lemonade? We dont have that many neighbors :)

"Really Ellie, all of this???" (bigger bounty than the day before - it was seriously impressive!!)

"Yes! We are making a lot for Arthritis arent we?"

Oh these kids... OH THESE KIDS! How amazing are they? They are just little angels of love, I am inspired by their spirit!

So I told the girls, "OK! OK, I see your determination, I love your passion & I admire your mission. So next weekend, because we cant do it during school days (groans, moans) becaues you all have sports, so do they, & homework, but... the weekend: I will make a pot of hot cocoa, why dont you try & sell hot cocoa on these cold days & we try & find a big poster for your sign."

Hot cocoa! Yes, they are excited about that! So next weekend, I have some chocolate to melt!

This is a lemonade slash hot cocoa stand that is a beautiful symbol of young inspiration! If you are around next Saturday, swing by the corner!

And Asher, Emma, Avery, Ellie & Garrett - I am so proud, so so so proud of your & your hearts!


Tami said...

That is the sweetest thing ever!!I am tearing up!

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

They have your heart, Erika.

I'll mark my calendar.

Loudest Mom said...

Love it! Thanks (as always) Erika :)