Saturday, December 20, 2008

You've got High Fever

there's a winter advisory issued for our area for the next two days. highways are shut down. there is snow on top of ice out on the roads.

its a great time for a high fever in a 3 year old with childhood arthritis!

last time Charlotte got a high fever was in June & it spiked so fast it caused a febrile seizure. the roads were going to be a challenge, but with the weather not getting any better & her sister being diagnosed with strep 48 hours prior, i thought we better get in & be seen.

i had been double dosing (motrin every 6 hours, tylenol every 6 hours, so some form of pain relief/fever reducer every 3 hours) & i think that helped tremendously. she was interested in fluids & food too. its just that it was sooo high, 103.

we had the ER to ourselves today at Emanuel in Portland, we got in around 1030AM & we were out by 1pm. Saw some nurses that i recognized from when we were there 2 months ago getting Ellie's stitches (that's always fun to see people you remember & they remember you!).

Diagnosis: ear looked a little irritated so we went home with a prescription to Amoxicillan (again). heart/lungs sounded good. keep her cool & hydrated & double dosing. She still might seize if the brain needs a reboot & to call 911 at that time if she does & they will walk me through what to do.

Tonight she is looking MUCH better & sounding better too. She is talking (& not hallucinating / crazy talk that she had this am).

Now maybe the flair in the ankle was the 1st sign of this illness coming on?! Virus's can really whack out the arthritis in the body....

When we told Charlotte that we were going to the hospital this morning she started screaming & getting mad. 7 year old Emma asked, "Why does Charlotte talk about the hospital so much & get mad about it?!" I think its time to take her to a remicade appointment so she can have some empathy for her sister. maybe we have sheltered the sisters too much, maybe they need to SEE it to understand it....

Well more blizzard like conditions overnight & into Sunday. We are highly medicated at our house so all is well if we are hunkered down "for the winter." :)


Jacob's Mom said...

I know what you are saying about the other kids not understanding what these guys go through. Andrew "gets mad" when Jacob misses school for doctor appointments. I try to explain to him that it isn't fun for Jacob and he has to sit through bloodwork etc. It is hard for the other kids to see the sibling getting more attention, even though it isn't good attention. Ahh living with chronic illness. I am praying her flare goes away quickly. I feel so bad for her! The little ballerina shouldn't have to deal with this!

Team Houston said...

OMG! So sorry that she has to go through this. Keep us posted.

At the time we thought maybe we were sharing too much with Simone about Sophie Wei's surgery, etc. But now that we are through that part we are so glad that we brought her in for every thing and chose to do that. The cast removal was pretty emotional for her but I think it was because she was so glad it was over like every member of the family. I think you should not be disappointed if you bring the girls to her next appointment.

I hope they are all feeling better soon!!

Give them all hugs from us.

xoxo Michele

Lisa Milton said...

I bet that virus and the cold temperatures messed with her little bod.

(I get flare ups whenever I get as much as a cold.)

I hope she continues feeling better. Stay toasty! It's mighty cold today.

Jenny Tan said...

I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope Charlotte will feel better SOON...It's no fun to be feeling like that in this kinda weather. Take care.