Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Where does the time go?

I know, I have been hearing it lately! "Why isnt the blog updated, what's going on wtih Charlotte? Where have YOU been?!"

1. It hasnt been updated because I am trying to simplify daily living & that means some days the computer does not get turned on (becaues I know my weaknesses and its called blog & facebook & CNN! & its like a timesuck, before I know it children are eating out of Skippy Jars, and dirty diapers are all over the house.... TEE HEE! Just kidding :) There's no skippy bought here & no one is in diapers!). Simply living has meant also going through "stuff" realizing what we dont NEED, what we need to get rid of and living within a budget. Big Sigh... all takes time! And we are continuing to work on it this month....

2. Charlotte has her eye appt today. We are up this morning at 4am becaues I think she has another ear infection. We both came down with head colds this weekend after turkey day. :(

Charlotte: "I need to see Dr. Schunk (pediatrician). He needs to fix my ear."
Me: "That means the pink medicine. Right? You ok with that?"
Charlotte: "Ya, I need it to fix my ear."

Remicade December will happen next week. The eye appt is today (every 4 weeks before remicade to make sure remicade is holding it).

Remicade Novemeber was my 1st jaunt as a single parent. My mom came to help (yay!) & it was Charlotte's 1st time w/out benedryl & it made a WORLD OF DIFFERENCE! She was a completely different girl! Nice, talking, playing all morning long!

3. Where have I BEEN?! Well gosh...Here, there & everywhere I guess :) After the last post of football saturday, Ryan & I left for Costa Rica for a week without the girls & puppy. it was a good little adventure but we sure missed the girls BIG time. We came home just in time for turkey day which was YUMMMMEEE & my little "what can i do to help cards" worked FABULOUSLY! I am now whipping out some Tottie's Pretties just in time for the big Camas 1st Friday! There will be a tree lighting ceremony & I hope that the community is out that night!
These boys were NOT in Costa Rica with us - this was the last Beaver home football game against the University of Oregon where the Beavers LOST & lost their hopes & dreams to go to the Rose Bowl. Its still too sensitive to talk about :) Ryan with his fraternity brothers:What's next?
Sunday is the Arthritis Foundation Jingle Bell Run! Charlotte is a grand marshall so I hope to have the amoxicillan kicking in by then :) TOTTIES TEAM is almost complete & we will have a fun group with us this year. I am excited to see her run the kids 1k w/ Emma & Ellie & with all her grandparents there, her aunt/uncle & friends, its going to be a very fun morning (And think DRY! Dry makes all the difference!!) :)

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Lisa Milton said...

You have been on the go. Sure have missed you.

Hopefully you will fix up that ear lickety split and the eye appointment reaffirms good news.


See you soon.