Thursday, December 18, 2008

Schooooool's out. for. WINTAH!

Snowday #3 & its official - we are being given an early Christmas vacation. Today was the best snow of all & I was soooo psyched to get the girls on the sleds with the neighbors (& the neighbors were over at 9am psyched TOO!), but I knew I had to get Ellie to the pediatrician, because she hadnt talked in 4 days & that's not normal. She usually is up ready to rock in 3 days after being sick. Emma had bounced back, Charlotte was fine, so it was time for Ellie to be back in the saddle.

The snow came down hard & my mom was worried about the roads, but we made it to their house, dropped off Emma & Charlotte & headed into Portland where the roads were fine. She was positive for STREP THROAT & both her pediatrician & I happily thought we scored with that diagnosis. He siad, "YES! we can treat THAT!"

Then he started asking about the sisters, when was Emma's fever, when did Charlotte have the ear infections. The amazing & cautious Dr. he is, he suggested I get the sisters & bring them back for a lab to make sure THEY dont have it.

UGH! Back to WA, get Ellie's meds & some yogurt, get the 1st dose down her, drop her off w/ Marmee, pick up Emma & Charlotte & Poppa & head back into Portland. Quick trip, but one that was taking time off our sledding clock as the good snow was starting to disepate.

They were negative (yay & assumed so), so back to WA where the girls had about one more hour of sunlight.

On went the snow gear, gloves, boots, hats & off they went to find the neighbors to plead them to come back out (after I am sure they were out ALL DAY!) for 'their turn' at the slopes (ie driveways).

I was shoveling the sidewalk (because I love our Fed-Ex & UPS delivery people!) & Charlotte pointed to her foot & was crying, "I hurt." I didnt see anything happen so I internally said Uh Oh & then went on with stuff & told her to shake it off, or something to that affect.

After dinner I got up on youtube to process her recital videos from Tuesday. Then I see it, her babying her ankle & then pointing to it & complaining to the teacher.

So I give Ryan the heads up on the puzzle pieces of what I heard/saw & ask Charlotte to sit in front of me so i can compare the ankles.

One is swollen on the top & puffy to the touch.

How? How on 200mg of Remicade & .5mls of Methotrexate can a child have a flair up of Arthritis?! UGH IT ANGERS ME!!!!!!! I punched my fist into my hand & thought of my gameplan. I was blank.... 2nd opinion call goes into Cindy who simply reminds me of the "team" we have in place, ask our Pediatric Rheumatologist.

Ya, that's a duh but I think when you are thrown off your game, you kinda blank. So a message is into the good dr. to see what he thinks & if he wants to see her. Could it be a flair due to the ear infections? The cold? Her sniffles? Will wait to see what he thinks....

Meanwhile, the amoxicillan is back in the house. This time for Ellie, mixed berry flavor, "I only like grape." Not the best patient in the house that's for sure :) So 10 days of griping & complaining from a 6 year old who has NO IDEA HOW GREAT SHE HAS IT is going to be dreamy right?!?!?!? :) hahahha!!!


goooooood girl said...

your blog is feel good......

Lisa Milton said...

What an adventurous day. My kids are so happy we have snow and the day off, with more to come. I'm sure they will put it to good use.

(I hope Miss Ellie feels better, mighty fast.)

As for poor Charlotte, I bet the cold is playing a part. And I'm so sorry. Would a toasty bath help some?

It's supposed to warm up a bit next week. I'm hoping by Christmas she will be feeling much better.

Team Houston said...

Love the new blog header!

The girls keep watching the ballet video. Sophie Wei says she wants to "go" and now therefore Simone says she will do it then! Thanks for the outgoing little sister I might finally get Simone in Ballet!

xoxo M