Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Ears Have Wordless Wednesday

The dr. doesnt think Charlotte got over the FIRST ear infection since she's only been off of amoxicillian for 2 weeks. So its on to bigger stuff.

Automatically the Dr. turns to azithromycin. Plugs it into her laptop & oops... it has a reaction with Methotrexate. "yes, and she's on remicade too." Dr. says, "oh the remicade shouldnt be a problem... but hmm.... this reaction with methotrexate... ok lets find something else...."

So lets go with Cefprozil. Seems that doesnt have a reaction. Its orange, not pink. Yikes... we like pink....

But the amazing girl she is "Hey Charlotte, time to take the meddy" & she comes runnin with mouth open. THANK YOU GOD!!!

Dr. said to continue Motrin tonight cuz this might not kick in /in time. I think she could see I was lacking some Zzzz's after being up at 4am with Charlotte this morning! "But hey my blog got update! Riots in the streets can stop!" :) HA HA HA HA!

Now off to the eye appt!

1st, its Christmas Card making with Emma & her BFF - leading 2nd graders in craft projects is a blast, we can get more complicated! They are making cards out of OLD cards for teachers & their friends - yes, that's what happens to your cards if you dont send me pictures of you or your cherubs!.

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Lisa Milton said...

Speaking of Christmas cards - YOURS is LOVELY.

So perfect.

(I've got to get on it over here.)