Sunday, December 7, 2008

Breakfast with Santa

Breakfast with Santa at "AROUND THE TABLE" restaurant. Yummy foods, warm & cozy atmosphere, great friends (not even planned!) & wonderful surprise seeings (Miss Lara Blair & PHE friend Tammy!) along with talking to Santa!

Probably the last year for matching dresses, it wasnt an easy feat to accomplish this year. I will keep trying though :) I was just so happy that Charlotte was coaxed to sit on his lap.... AND smile?! WHOA!!!! Stinker!Nate & Blake Bell - our sweet friends! They made it a very special morning! Last year we were at a different "breakfast with Santa" & Blake & Nate (with their parents) show up, unplanned aGAIN! Great minds think TOTALLY alike :) And its a great surprise to spend the morning with friends!
Future prom dates? Blake & Ellie were at preschool together, now both kinders. Emma & Nate were in kinder together, now both 2nd graders.
Now what the heck?!!?


Lisa Milton said...

What a great day with Santa. Those dresses are sweet.

slp said...

You know, I still have nightmares of my mother dressing us all up in matching t-shirts on every vacation. But fortunately for me, she stopped...once my poor sister was out of high school. ;)