Sunday, November 9, 2008

Turkey & Ears & Headbands, OH MY!

1. Turkey
I am getting organized for Thanksgiving. Not only the meal but the day itself becaues I love this day, I love the food, I love GOOD food & I love sitting & enjoying meaning of the meal! Last year, I went to Williams-Sonoma two Sunday's in a row to learn techniques on turkey making & with the help of their apple brine & compound butter, it came out moist & OH SO TASTY! And the classes were FREE!

My friend Krista Colvin, an organizing & lifestyle motivator, has come up with some REALLY great tips for me this year that I am totally incorporating into our day! See her ideas on our local morning show:

2. Ears
sigh.... Starting around 5pm yesterday, Charlotte said, "Momma, my ear hurts! Can you get it out? Look in there, can you get it out?" Get it out? That's a new one. Now mind you, I first thought she might be hallucinating or going through some wierd concussion thing because 30 minutes prior to the ear talk, she got on her bike without any supervision and thought she would ride it DOWN the driveway. Yes, we have a slight incline in our driveway, so our girls are told to walk their bikes DOWN to the sidewalk & then start riding. I think this will be the last time Charlotte decides to coast downhill, because she picked up speed, went past the sidewalk, through the street (thank goodness we are on a deadend w/ only 17 houses in our neighborhood) & hit the neighbors driveway & went head over handlebars. A nice strawberry is on her forehead but that's IT, THANK GOD! Seriously..... oye vey! SO... back to the ears.

Charlotte is asking for "meddy" - so why not?! Here's some motrin. But like clockwork, about 6 hours later, it wore off (@ 11pm) and she was crying. Its the earache cry, you know the one of the whining (i think it gets its own category).... yep... so off to the Dr. today (love that they are open on the weekends) & now she's on some drugs for that & is now napping on my bed. Good news, she can still do her remicade treatment in 4 days. Learned lesson for mom & dad: She now tells us when she's in pain & can be very descriptive about it. And we are paying attention because of her story. I love the verbal's though, can I tell you!?
It's a new experience for us to have her be so descriptive in her pain...
3. Headbands
My supply is restocked with some CUTE, cute, cute new ribbons, flowers & bows! Oh my goodness there's some cuteness here with fresh, brand new looks. I really love the christmas bands & have even made some gold & silver ones that are especially glitzy! I think they can go all winter long! The all red ones are so cute & could be worn for every national holiday, Valentines & Christmas! This red ribbon is stitched in white which adds just a little something to it!

I have been invited to bring the bands to downtown Camas for "1st Friday" on December 5th from 3-9pm. I am so happy to be a part of a fun evening for families, celebrating the season & memory making!

I have got the etsy site UP & running. I struggle with it because inventory changes so fast because I dont like to make "20 animal print w/ black bow." I like unique, different, 2 here, maybe 3 here. Classic tone on tone, I do my best to keep those stocked. But the best way is to say, "Pink!" and then then I have about 15-20 options just in the pink department that I can snap pictures & send! What's your color? I can do that!


Jacob's Mom said...

Sorry to hear Charlotte is sick! Look how red those cheeks are! She looks so cute though. You are so crafty with the headbands. I wonder if the boys would wear one... How much have you raised for carra so far?

Hope Charlotte feels better quick!

Lisa Milton said...

Look at those red little cheeks. Poor baby.

Glad she's resting now.

Team Houston said...

I can't wait to head down to Williams-Sonoma soon, sounds like fun learning!

Oh, how we do KNOW that Ear Ache cry!! You are right, it has it owns category!! Hope Charlotte feels better, that photo of her melts my heart!

Cool site for your head bands. You do such a good job. I saw Nixon's on Friday! How cool to have her school colors.

Thinking of you, Michele

Laura Stevens said...

I asked my mom if she was gonna do her turkey like yours last year and she said no. I'm so disappointed!

Lisa said...

So here's the issue - how do you get your kids to wear them? Lauren's hair needs massive restraint and I love headbands but she refuses. Ideas?