Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween '08

After the excitement of the CARRA Costume Ball.... the evening of Halloween wasnt such a big deal to Emma, Ellie & Charlotte. That was nice for us :) We spent the evening having dinner with friends & then going through their neighborhood. We are in a little bit of a chocolate coma today, everyong is a little tired, but I am taking the girls to the mall to see what Halloween goodies we can find on sale for NEXT year :)!!! its all about looking spiffy for the CARRA Costume Ball!!
The girls were a CAT, MOUSE & a LOVEBUG. The boys were Trailblazer Brandon Roy, Buzz Lightyear, a skeleton pirate & Indiana Jones.
Our little lovebug got worn out walking around the neighborhood & asked to be carried. When she was crossing the street at one point, she biffed it big time (no curbs, nothing, she just tripped over her own tired legs) & got a nice big fat lip & a little scraped nose. Poor little love bug ... would you like a chocolate bar??? :)


Team Houston said...

Very CUTE!! Looks like a fun bunch :O)

xoxo Michele

Lisa Milton said...

Yes, please. I'd like some chocolate.

Oh wait. I guess it wasn't for me.


(You mentioned a while ago about making a header for your blog. If you want me to help make one with your pictures, just let me know. And I still am hoping to see you soon.)