Saturday, October 4, 2008

My Pretties!

These are my precious Pretties! They love to wear their Tottie's Pretties & I love how they incorporate them with everything, like a Cinderella dress, a Nike basketball shirt, and eating toast! :)
The pink on pink was my 1st one, and its the one Charlotte ALWAYS picks. Its looking a little ragged these days, and I have tried to make a new one that looks just like it - but its like a blanky! Instead of a smell, it must have a feel that she loves.... who knows :) But she loves it!
1/2 of the $ made on Tottie's Pretties goes to FRIENDS of CARRA. We still have a few more months of 2008, but so far I am so pleased with how much we have been able to donate with our Pretties!
Do you need one for Halloween? Christmas? Let me know your color choices & I would love to help you! New Pretties are being made EVERY DAY, there are rarely duplicates, they are all unique!

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Team Houston said...

These are such cute photos of the girls...That is so sweet that she likes "the one".

Take care, Michele