Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'm Easy Like Sunday Morning

That Title song tribute goes out to Melissa of Camas....

So easy like sunday morning huh!?

Well... sometimes I joke with the girls when they are being a little reckless & I tell them, "C'mon girls, lets chill it a bit, I dont have time to go to the ER today."

We must of had time today... and we did cuz I really thought we would make some fairy houses out in the backyard this afternoon. Its gorgeous & sunny here today.

But Ellie had different plans. I thought she was practicing headstands with Emma, and she is a little rocky on her balancing so when I heard her screaming, I wasnt very empathetic. the night before she wasnt taking my advice of balance your knees on your elbows before you go up. She was just trying to go straight up & falling all over the place & everyone!

So she is screaming & unattentive I ask, "what? what did you do?"

Her hand comes off of her eye & blood is squirting everywhere. OH LORDEEE....

PHONE, phone, where is the phone & why wasnt it put back on the cradle?!?!?! Cell phone!


Daddy had JUST left to go golfing....

But we caught him just down the road, so he whipped that "ultimate driving machine" around & came SPEEDING down our street (sorry neighbors).

Scooped Ellie up, put her in the car w/ her bloodied, wet washcloth over the bag of ice & we talked gameplan.

"Ask for a plastic surgeon. When its to the face, ask for a plastic surgeon." We debated which hospital to go to - the closest one, or our 2nd home, the childrens hospital in Portland. Opted for the 2nd home, figured they are bigger, would have better chance of having a plastic surgeon on call on a sunday morning.
So! 3 hours later = 3 stitches later. Put in on Sunday, she gets them out on Friday. I told Ryan, "For some reason, this is our 1st time with stitches for Ellie, but i have a feeling it wont be our last."
No more pictures!!!!
Numbing cream over the cut.... (cha! it didnt do much except allow us to hang out for another 30+ minutes!)
A step not documented: the 6 inch needle that went in around the cut w/ numbing "stuff", and Ellie cried & screamed at it going in (its why i know the cream didnt work!) & I couldnt look at the needle entering....
After the iodine scrub around the cut, flush it out to clean it up.... ran everywhere & was cold.
A little more cleaning. Yes, Daddy, those are sterile gloves you sell! l I did point out your "stuff" in the room, that helped her keep her mind off of things! A sterile "towel" that had to go over Ellie's face w/ a hole to separate the area being stitched. Ellie did NOT like this towel, I think it made her feel a little clausterphobic & out of control being covered like that. Whip, whip, whip - 3 stitches! very thin stuff.... Dr. Kelly was a beautiful, kind dr. & said, "keep her out of the sun for 1 year or it will leave a scar if the area gets burned. Wear big floppy hats, lots of sunscreen." All done! Nurse Stacey brought Ellie a red popscicle! Then it was off for a VERY late lunch at New Seasons.... and now.... its movie time on momma's bed waiting for Daddy to get home from golfing in this sunshine. So is NEXT sunday, "easy like sunday morning?!" :)

BTW - the coffee table is going to live on a farm, where it can have room to RUN & be with a nice family.... (or chopped into kindling....).


Jenny Tan said...

Gosh, I am so sorry that Ellie has to go through that...I always pray that I don't have to go to the ER too...but when we were back in son, Lucas got a bump on his forehead, blood everywhere...somehow, by the time we got to the doc's place which was 2 minutes away, the bleeding stopped, so no stitches...brings back memories... Glad it wasn't anything more than the 3 stitches!

Team Houston said...

Ouch!! Sorry to see that.

Hope Ellie feels better soon.


Lisa Milton said...

Oh Ellie! That little ruffian...

Hope Monday comes easier...e

Team Houston said...

I have named you one of my Honest Blogs! Check out my blog to read more :O)

Please do not feel like you have to do this.....Just wanted you to know that I enjoy your blog :O)


Laura Stevens said...

Tell Ellie I have a scar in the same place, now she's just like cousin Laura.