Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Clear Days

Weather-wise: We are ending our clear & gorgeous days here in the Pacific NW. Tomorrow the rain comes in & by Friday, a monsoon will be delivering 1/2 an inch. Sucha bummer to be happening on homecoming weekend for the HS, as well as "Walk the Night" for the Leukemia/Lymphoma society. :( We might send in the donation & call it "movie night" for the family....
With the sun, the flowers have had rebirths! My lavendar is shooting off new flowers... my wildflowers keep blooming. It's eerie, but gorgeous!!!
Orange poppies are my favorite :) I would have a lawn full of them if I could. But then how do you work on potty training a dog w/ a yard full of Poppies? PS - she's doing FANTASTIC now, it only took a month in our home.... UGH :) but she's getting it now!!! We are going on a week w/ no accidents! Yay Casey! & Puppy kindergarten is starting next week!Eye-Wise: Charlotte went in for her 4 weeks & remains CLEAR! YAY :) Another round of remicade/another 4 weeks till the next appt!
Family-Wise: We had a great time last weekend at cousin Kasen's wedding (Technically 1st cousin once removed :))! His mom, my cousin Debbie looked AMAZING, she's just gorgeous! This is Groom Kasen (oldest).
Kyle (youngest) w/ mom (cousin Debbie). No pictures of middle Chris?! He was making the toast!!! :)And all of her boys, especially the groom, were all happy, handsome & super sweet! Super Handsome!! Did I mention handsome? And their girlfriends were very forgiving of the little girl cousins who wanted to dance with them!!

And once-in-awhile, I get out of my school uniform (workout clothes by Lucy) & get to play with makeup & accessories :) Just... once-in-awhile. Everyone looked nice that night!!! Dont you love it when we can get Tottie to smile on cue? (not!)
Marmee blowing bubbles with the girls! Marmee is great-aunt to groom Kasen!


Dry Land (in search of...) said...

beautiful flower and wedding pictures, but FANTASTIC news about Charlotte's eyes!! Yippee!
Love, Mom

Loudest Mom said...


Thank you for EVERYTHING!!!! And, you all look beautiful at the wedding. I was going to include Ryan, but figured 'beautiful' wasn't what he was going for.....

I'm so humbled and grateful for everything.

Lisa Milton said...

Look at you, all dolled up.

I like it!

(Hope you are feeling better.)