Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tell your story, Tottie!

Tottie will be 3 next week & she's such a cyclone of personality that sometimes I forget how SMART she's getting at her age & how much she's absorbing & understanding.

She was getting a compliment of her Tottie's Pretty today at a store. The woman was nice & I felt that she would like to hear the full story of why I make them & where the money goes.

I was right. The woman was patient & listened with interest & she said, "I had no idea what rheumatoid arthritis did...."
I related the disease & its affects on Charlotte to a tin man & shared what we did to "fix it" (the joints). I then recited some of my lines from my "childrens book in waiting." Very simple explanations...She got it.

And so did Tottie.

"It's in my eyes," she said.

"Yes," I said, shaking my head in agreement. "Charlotte just told you the arthritis is also in her eyes."
The woman looked at Charlotte & in a stunned way said, "I just had no idea..."

I guess at age three, Charlotte might start telling her own story! I appreciate how she absorbs the information & is freely sharing it with a nice stranger!
Tomorrow is Remicade Day / September & then only 16 to go. Send her calming thoughts.... & we will keep it routine & hopefully will see our nurse friends that we love & appreciate so much!


Heaven's Eye Phtotography said...

My heart is always with you guys. Here's to a beautifully, calming day tomorrow. Pass your calming energy onto her...or grab onto Charlotte's:)

Anonymous said...

Charlotte - We're sending lots of good wishes for a fantastic Remicade day and even better results. What a little trooper you are.

Lisa Milton said...

Oh Charlotte, you are so bright. May tomorrow go well, smooth and calm.