Sunday, September 21, 2008

September Remicade

September's Remicade Thursday went swimmingly smooth in comparison to one's in the past. The morning didn't start out normal - we had family pictures taken by the lovely Lara & then we realized that our timing was off between going to the hospital & getting Ellie to afternoon kinder. We have a "normal" day all planned out w/ friends, but this AM, because of the pictures, Ellie didnt go to AM school & we were thrown....

At 1130, exactly the time when we need to leave for the hospital, the doorbell rings and its my sweet friend Lisa, just dropping off cookies. JUST! In exchange she received Ellie for a lunch date. It wasnt exactly a fair trade, but she is an amazing angel who rang the doorbell at just the right time!!!! That was a divine thing that happened, thank you Lisa!!!!

Charlotte loved Miss Lisa's cookie & got to eat it before all the excitement started. YUMM!!! Let me explain the outfit.... The minute we got home from family pictures, Charlotte raced upstairs & stripped & put on her classic outfit of tutu & ballet shoes. She knew where she was going because we told her (mistake - not doing that again, it made for a little bit of a grumpy girl when she should of been smiling in front of the camera...), but she knew exactly what she wanted to wear!!! So the routine is - off to starbucks to get mom & dad loaded up & give Charlotte a hot cocoa. She fell asleep in the car on the way there (unusual...).
Our favorite injector - Nurse Priscilla - was back in town!!! YIPPEE!!! Charlotte was MUCH calmer with her, and so we chose not to use sedation (versed is what we were going to go w/) & Charlotte did do AMAZING! We also used some visualization while she was getting it done, talking calmly in her ear about her new dance class that she takes with "Miss Jessica" & I sang some of the songs that they sing. She calmed down & actually talked during the procedure about her dance class to Daddy & the nurses.... Ahhh!!! Thank you DANCE CLASS!!

The IV kept kinking so they figured putting her arm in a stint would help it to stop the kinking. The IV's are so teeny, flexible & easily distracted (wait, that's Charlotte....) so the stint did a great job of keeping it straight and FLOWING!
Our sweet friend Dawn came w/ lunch & conversation. Charlotte was congenial at 1st, then got grumpy tired, then perked back up.... Ah the roller coaster day of Remicade. But she ended up getting down, playing with toys & being GREAT! She fell BACK asleep on the way home (not normal) & had a great evening with Marmee while we headed off to 2nd grade curriculum night at the school.

I invite you & your family to join us or register to be there "in spirit!" CARRA Costume Ball: CARRA COSTUME BALL: October 18, 2008 * 630PM – 930PM * Camas, WA High School *
This will be a night of great memories for everyone with family interaction from start to finish. Come in costume as a DJ provides wholesome and age appropriate music, group dance and games. Food will be available & so will the opportunity to win raffle items from community sponsors! We are expecting 400-500 participants. Tickets will be available for purchase online & at the door for $25 a family. All proceeds will go directly to CARRA.

WHAT IS CARRA: CARRA is the Childhood Arthritis & Rheumatology Alliance & is an organization made up of pediatric rheumatologists across the US and Canada. They are committed to improving the quality of life for all children suffering from rheumatic diseases, such as juvenile arthritis, lupus and dermatomyositis. Over 300,000 children in the U.S. are suffering from arthritis or some other form of rheumatic disease.

Many angels have given their time to encourage us & help make this event possible! Hearts of gold website artist Tracey at Black Dog Creative Design & photographer beauty Lara Blair shared with us their talents & their passion. THANK YOU! This will be a fun EVENING! Hope you can join us or "Be There In Spirit"!!

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Lisa Milton said...

I was so glad to have Miss Ellie for a lunch date.

She is a doll.

And I am ever so glad that this month's remicade a)went much better & is b) over.