Tuesday, September 2, 2008

School Rocks

Ah the sound of the bus roaring up to the end of our street was the sweetest sound I have ever heard!! "Goodbye my little chicklets... fly away little birdies! Go have fun & be kind & generous & learn lots! Because 2nd Grade ROCKS! And kindergarten ROCKS!"

2nd grade ROCKS!
Kindergarten ROCKS!

Hanging out at the bus stop with the neighbors! Big group today!! But we were missing on of the sweetest neighbors who went to Jr.High today! Cant wait to hear of those adventures (6th grade).
Today's lunch included a bagel w/ cream cheese, lemonade, fruit leather & 2 chocolate chip cookies! Yum! I just want to say YES - that backpack is going on its 3rd year (jantzen!) & the lunch box on its 2nd (lands end!). LOVE IT (especially since both are monogrammed) :)
Bye Bean! In her blue sweatshirt & cuffed jeans! :)
(Ellie is afternoon kinder, so she will come home on the bus w/ Emma!)

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Lori said...

Very fun! Hope they had a great first day of school. Austin goes on Thursday this week with the "Smart Start" week that Evergreen is doing. Looking forward to it - and then next week, when he goes for a FULL WEEK!! We'll have to plan a Cafe Sip-n-Play day with the little ones and Lisa. Talk to you soon!