Sunday, September 14, 2008

Casey Puppy - 3 months today!

We are having a September to remember here in the Pacific Northwest! I really wanted to play hooky on Friday w/ the girls but... when you are committed to kindergarten carpool... you know!

So we got our CARPE DIEM out today! We went to Cannon Beach - directly west of Portland.
We were exhausted from a long saturday in Corvallis - we took all the girls to the Oregon State game against Hawaii. It was SO much fun! The weather was great, the girls enjoyed the game... they are just a little bit older to enjoy actually watching football! Ryan & I had a great time with them! They just invited themselves back to another one this season for sure! (minus Charlotte :) of course, 3 is just too young to sit in the seats. she did great this time, but its because we didnt have all the season ticket holders at the game, there was space to move around!) The weather was insane today at the oregon coast. Perfect attire: a fleece & shorts! i was still cold even though it looks beautiful - its the oregon coast & the wind is WHIPPING! My hat couldnt even stay on, so my face is suffering a bit tonight (yes, the 85+ sunscreen was on, but you know "miss sensitive skin" here was fuhreaking out...)
ALL the girls (including Casey) loved running around!! That's not the only thing that ran around.... Look at Ryan's finger... see his ring?
OOPS! Proff that the puppy is still teething & about to take a chomp out of Emma :)
Well... soon after the bite out of Emma's leg, Ryan & the girls & pup all went running down the beach & they were helping Casey swim in the ocean. His hand was wet & with a flick of his hand w/ the leash... the ring went flying. We scoured the area for a good 30 minutes at least. And we even went back to the area on our way off the beach.... It was gone :(
Miss Jelly looks fabulous in her "pretty" - even in her swimsuit! The girl has style :)
Who is this girl? I have no idea, lately she's been looking so old to me! Tall, and such a gorgeous smile... she's getting older & sweeter by the day! These are some happy faces, they were sooo excited to be at the beach. I wondered about energy levels after a fun Saturday, but the beach is a special place so that extra adrenaline kicks in!
Told you it was windy! Casey couldnt keep her ears down!! :) haha!
Happy 3 month birthday sweet Casey!! She sure got lots of love & attention at the beach! Everyone LOVES a puppy! My favorite 4 legged friend we met today: Prince Andrew of Clackamas (Aka "andy") - a golden retriever! He was HANDSOME!

Some lucky fool will find Ryan's ring & I hope they appreciate what I had engraved in it 9 years ago when I was practicing my goofy romantic sayings (wink). Ah... a little sad yes, but ... lucky boy will get a new ring.... wait a SECOND! Is THAT HOW IT WORKS?!?!?! "Uh... honey? I can't seem to find....."


Anonymous said...

No worries on the ring - I think I'm on my ... 5th version? I just get tired of them. But, I'm not sentimental like you. :) Looked like a lovely day for the beach.

Jacob's Mom said...

I love the pictures! Your dog looks so much like my yellow lab cody! Looks like you had a great time. Where is the picture of you?
Sorry to hear about the ring :( that stinks! You should put an ad in the paper and let the police know you lost it. It may be returned. One of those metal detector people may find it! There are some nice and honest people out there. Hopefully it will turn up! Talk to you soon! We see your buddy Foster in two days! Any tips on getting Jacob to let them do the glaucoma test??? He already said NOWAY! UUGH!!

Loudest Mom said...

Rob had to replace his ring as well (due to a dislocated ring finger- pretending he was 'young' playing keeper for an indoor soccer team). At least Ryan had FUN losing his ring :)

Cute beach pictures....we're overdue for some fun in the sand.

L said...

I'm commenting and it's totally not related to the post. Woops. Anyway I have to say the little one is quite the trooper! Charlotte is a doll! As a JA survivor (kicking JA's butt seventeen years and counting) she is handling it with such bravery. Here's to hoping for remission.