Monday, August 18, 2008

The more we get together, the happier we'll be. Cuz your friends are my friends...

What's the rule for swim lessons when its thunder & lightening at 8am?! Its a GREAT excuse to stay home & do all that "stuff" you gotta do after being gone all weekend... OH & spending time with the new puppy (more tomorrow)!

This weekend we celebrated my mom's side of the family - her she is with her siblings. They are not standing in order but my mom is the 4th out 0f 5. My mom's the cutest one :) But I might be biased :)

On Saturday we drove up to Uncle Mike's house (white shirt) & hung out at the pool, played bocce ball & had BBQ. So much for doing my hair that day, guess I wasnt thinking :) Zach, Laura, Me & the girls in the water...
Allison, Cousin Steve, Uncle Mike, cousins Zach, Laura, Me & the girls waiting for the cannon ball tournament to begin! NO i didnt participate, duh :)

And this is Cathy's family: My brother Brad, wife Linda & our gang. Out at Aunt Susan's on Lake Tapps with Mount Rainier in the background. Totally gorgeous Sunday! The girls were fish, no matter the water type :)Zach goes with the girls on a tube. Oh man!!! They LOVED LOVED LOVED it! Cousin Zach was so awesome to go out with them on their first time, they will never forget it! And cousin Dean was so sweet to take them out in his boat! We had fun watching them!!
Uncle Mike explains to Charlotte why Emma keeps giving a thumbs up (she wants to go FASTER! uh oh!!)

Me, cousin Laura & Charlotte, loving the breeze on the boat. Yes, I am in a hat & a long sleeve hoody. NO SUN damage :) I am a bit anal... w/ my spf 50+ Aunt Susan was so sweet & loving on the girls, and shows Ellie "look at how fast you were going!" and now on to the puppy.... that's tomorrow :)


Lisa Milton said...

I love those shots; what a great memory to hold on to as school starts soon.

(And 8 am lessons? Yowza. I'm a bit under the weather (heh) but once I'm better and the weather cooperates, I want to hit the pool with the kids again. Are you game? Hoodie and all? AND, are the girls doing swim camp?)

*must go because fever induced rambling is evident*

Laura Stevens said...

What was that about posting on the puppy tomorrow? It's been a week! I WANT PICTURES!