Tuesday, August 12, 2008

We're back on the mainland

Its no secret that "I left my heart....." not in San Francisco but in the San Juan Islands. A little bit of my soul too. There is something magical about the people, the vibe & the beauty of the islands. Once upon a time I spent a full summer up there during college (& tried to extend that to a lifetime, but i have told that story too often.... you know how it ends, I didnt! I came back & graduated from OSU :)) & then went back with Ryan during a fall weekend, but I had not been up there in a few years, and the girls had never been up there, so while Ryan was in Orlando last week, we ventured north w/ our cousin Laura to stay at Lopez Island & visit San Juan island.
It started with a 3 hour wait for the ferry in Anacortes because of ferry breakdown issues & a semi leaking gas when he got on the ferry. Laura & the girls walked Lola, the new puppy, down to the beach. Brr... the wind can really whip around Anacortes!
Have you ever felt 40 degree water & sand Ellie? Yes, its August, but this is the ocean!
Emma discovering how to maneuver on the rocks without falling in! Oh I was just waiting for that to happen, but not with Emma...
Charlotte started getting bolder feeling the water - it was COLD!!!
Please dont fall in!!! They didnt, thank goodness! We didnt get to the house till 10pm & were all so very tired!
The next day was beach day -so we could forgive our ferry schedule of being up so late!
The cars are on the road - they made roads all over the beach!
Laura taught Emma how to be patient & look for sea glass. Emma found a few but also found some great shells! We now have a bucket full!
The week also celebrated GIRL time - yep that means everyone gets their nails painted!!!!Ellie, Emma, Laura & Lola take a walk down boat dock beach.

We missed Daddy & learned to love an 11 week old puppy. We witnessed Charlotte with no naps & being away from home (not such a great traveler... i give her another year!) & we all went through some stir crazy with ferry waiting. But we LOVED the lavender fields on San Juan Island, they were gorgeous & smelled so amazing! We had some rain & I definitely forgot how much fleece & how you need to be in layers up there! Its the beach type weather.

The two babies became best friends at the lavender fields.
Its the laid back attitude, the feeling of safety & trust up on the islands that is the most magical part. I loved sending the girls off to explore, and they went out a little & came back.... then went out a little longer & came back. Until they went out for quite awhile (all 3 of them) & played by themselves away from the house & came back & told me all about their games & what they discovered. That's the magic!

The best part - the ferry boats. They thought those were AMAZING - and they are. You go fast, you see beauty all around you, its a novelty! It was fun! Emma really wanted to see an Orca!

Wait ... the best part is the ferry boats? Ya... but really, the BEST part is the forced technical removal on the islands. Cell phone reception is zilch. It was lovely! I remember being in HS for my 1st trip to the islands & my watch broke. I have always said, that was the best gift. Besides making your ferry (which honestly is on "island time" itself!), you really dont need a watch. That's so uptight ... man! :) So it was nice that the cell phone / email /text message connection was really put on vacation. It was nice to enjoy the beauty & remembering past trips & sharing that with the girls.

And now Carpe Diem - 2 more weeks of summer to enjoy, so posts will be minimal because my tomatoes are getting red the the blackberries all over our hill are ready to be picked (already 8 cups picked this week & I have the scars on my hands to prove it)!!
Remicade Friday is next week - 22nd.

Intersting enough - i dont know if this has to do with Charlotte's experience with sweet nurses, but she REFUSED to go to her swim lessons this week taught by a new teacher, a sweet girl. Poor thing, Charlotte REFUSED to talk to her, refused to participate, she wanted to go back to "Levi" - her teacher from last session. So we let her. And he's been great with her. Now I dont know what to make of this - is it a familiarity thing for a 2.75 year old? OR... is it her relationship with sweet young nurses/teachers? I dont know... but Levi wont be there next week, so I have worked it out with the pool to go to another boy teacher at another time, we shall see how she does. OYE :)


Laura Stevens said...

Sounds like flirty girl Charlotte likes the boys, lol.

Lori said...

What a nice read - looks like you are enjoying the summer too. It goes by so quickly! Enjoy the last couple of weeks - we hope to also!!

Loudest Mom said...

my kids LOVE the ferry ride as well (although we only went from Port Angeles to Whidby Island). Magical :)