Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tottie's Pretties Fans

Some of my favorite models!
Ellie & her lost tooth in PINK! Little Chloe wore a stretchy to a wedding!
Miss Chelsea celebrated last day of chemo in her stretchy!
Charlotte loves the original pink on pink!
Ellie wore hers to school! Send me your picture!!


Lisa Milton said...

So darling. If I thought I could convince Lexi to wear one, I'd do it. But she's 10 now and sporty. What to do?

Oh, maybe Caden? Think Lori would mind?

Team Houston said...

I love ours, you are doing such a great job with this!!

I need to order another one :O)

I am going to send you a photo of the girls with theirs on. I even have one of Simone holding it in her hand while she sleeps....

Take care, Michele