Friday, July 25, 2008

Just a walk in the park...

What does that mean exactly, JUST a walk in the park? Such a weird saying, isn't it? How could a walk in the park be JUST anything? I bet its different every time, with different experiences, using different senses @ different times of day @ different times of the year ...

Well our Remicade days at the hospital are like that too. Its "just a walk in the park" because its different every single time. The only thing that's the same is starting the morning off in a flurry, trying to keep clothes on Charlotte, because she loves to dress herself in a myriad of tutu's or swimsuits. But! Got's to look cute for the hospital Charlotte!

And why is that? Because when your attitude is stronger than your cuteness, you have to rely a little more on the cuteness to forgive for the attitude: get a big bow in the hair, have a cute dress on (PS by the time I got the camera out, the big bow was pulled out -she wanted me to "smell my stinky feet" - sweet charlotte! Nice! Where'd you learn that from Daddy?!?!).
But we always hope a little cuteness will allow the nurses to forgive you for yelling at them and screaming at the top of your lungs. That's always my hope I guess... I mean, Charlotte's screaming has really stepped up a notch... she's excellent at it! oye vey... REALLY excellent, even nurse Tricia said, "wow, i should have put in my ear plugs." ya sorry about that....

SO! I wonder if our monthly Remicade days at the hospital will ever get any easier? I was always hoping they would be like putting on your skates & just hitting the ice & coasting to the other side & be done. But.... maybe someday?
Its called "She's TWO!" and the other hard part is they give her benedryl to be proactive in case of any reactions. But benedryl just makes her sleepy & groggy & THAT makes her grumpy & have attitude!

She was sleepy today but was still happy to see our friend Miss Cindy & her son Paul when they brought us lunch (yes, we are so appreciative & lucky to have such amazing friends!! We feel it!!).

This is our view every time in our room - see our little chemo stand & follow the goes down and on the floor & up & hides in her little leg warmer. She camps out on the couch in a slouch & eats her PB & J & chocolate milk & watches a movie (or 3)....

For the JRA Families - its 200 MG of Remicade & they went faster today since its our 6th dosage. 20/40/80. Yet it was still 6 hours from start to finish for us (including driving time) which makes for a day, quite a day once month.
She was soooo tired of copping such an attitude and the screaming & the "NO" and the "I DONT WANT TO" that she sacked out the minute we got into the car & she even TRANSFERRED into the house to sleep 1.5 hours more until we woke her up to go to dinner! Where she didnt want to eat at all, she just wanted to be goofy & even I couldnt help but laugh... and laugh so hard I was crying telling the other girls to stop encouraging her because "ITS NOT FUNNY" as I wiped away the tears. Chalk it up to "remicade day."
She had a long day too. And 6 hours is a long day all of us, and yet I still bring 3 magazines + 1 book & never get through ONE! Hmmmmm..... i need to get smarter about my packing, we seem to bring it all in because we never know what to bring... but I will work on the "hospital bag." Is there an organizing site with tips for that?!? :)

Saturday will be a blast as I am going to go w/ my parents & friends to a BARN SALE! YEE HAW :) i am excited to find something spectacular with all these amazing vendors who have taken THINGS & made them beautiful!! AND!!! I am going to be a judge in a baking contest (yum) they are holding, lucky me!!! Yes, i saw the request for help & I couldnt resist! You know if there's anyone who knows a good brownie or lemon curd tartlet, its me! I hope the boys that own the barn are as wonderful as they sound on their blog because after spending all day at their home on saturday, I might have some new friends!


Jacob's Mom said...

She is too cute! Her sisters better watch out for her attitude. She is gonna be the boss! I love that she gives all of the nurses trouble. giggle. I am sure they all nap after she leaves too! Go Charlotte!

Lisa Milton said...

I think stinky feet have medicinal purposes.

Or at least she is being silly, despite it all.

Hope today was a little easier on everyone.