Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Good times...

Great news for Charlotte today. The June virus that wreaked havoc on Charlotte's body & caused a flare in her eyes (even though she's on remicade & methotrexate for the uveitis), has FINALLY left! Charlotte's appetite is back & she looks healthier. Her personality is back & I love this age of 2.5 - 3 (her birthday is in September) because she is talking like a little lady & holds some pretty great conversations & is a great story teller (she reminds me a lot of Emma with her facial expressions & her integration of dancing into her stories!).

Today's appointment with her pediatric ophthalmologist was another thumbs up of recovery. The flare is gone - we are back down to ZERO trace in each eye. So a mutual decision was made to lower the pred forte drops to 2x a day till we see her in 3 weeks!

We also made a quick visit to the pediatricians for a blood draw & urine sample. At the last remicade treatment, her liver wasnt looking good, so we stopped the methotrexate for a week & will wait for the results of today's labs to see if we skip another week of mtx.

The Momma Gut says: The virus whacked her whole system out. For two weeks she was not "right" for what "right" is for Charlotte. The eyes flared, the liver levels arent good. Now CHECK, eyes are back under control, so its time for CHECK, the liver to be under control & for us to stay on our current medical cocktail of weekly MTX & monthly remicade & continue to taper & be finally RID of the Pred Forte. And seeing the pediatric ophthalmologist less would be nice too :)


Dana said...

Hi Erika,

Thank you for your comment! I read through your story about Charlotte and I, too, cried when I read about all the challenges and struggles she has faced. It is great to find others who can understand what you are going through and who remind you that you are not alone. We will be praying for her and for your family.

Dana & Mia :)

Dana said...

P.S. I have added you to my blogroll so we can stay updated with Charlotte's progress. :)

Lisa Milton said...

I didn't believe it until I saw her but she is even cuter in the flesh. Mighty mighty cute and still so young and small to be dealing with such struggles.

(On the page, her heart shows: BIG and STRONG and POWERFUL. At the pool, I remember she's still just a baby really. And it breaks my heart.)

Jacob's Mom said...

Erika great news on Charlotte's eyes. It is crazy when the kids get a virus it activates the JRA. I am glad she is finally over whatever she had. Your pictures are once again so sweet! YOu should be a photagrapher!