Saturday, June 21, 2008

Summer's Here...

And the time is right - for dancing in the streets!

I know, I know, stop singing, the girls have already asked me to stop! :) But since the 120 hour flu has vacated the infirmary - I have cleaned, cleaned cleaned & feel GREAT & its time to enjoy summer!

Charlotte finally stopped the puking on Thursday, she woke up Friday & wanted to EAT! I was cautious... but so happy to see her start feeling a bit better. She's EXHAUSTED... she went to the ballet recital last night for the E's - and it went LATE... I thought she might not be able to attend, but we gave it a shot. It was a very warm auditorium, and I eyed the place for my get away plan in case I felt jolts in the body (which at one point I thought I did, but I know I must of been making it up). We kept fanning her - and kept telling that in every group there was "Emma" or "there's Ellie" to keep her attention (oops... :) tee hee hee). For Emma's last day of school celebration - they both received mermaid tails for the pool. But they are just fine laying around Daddy's office & pretending in them!
They would hold up the boxes & talk outloud of where they were swimming - imagining themselves in the ocean water that they were looking at. IT WAS HILLARIOUS!

Summer is here - its officially golf & swim (mermaid) season!
PUKE BE GONE! No more 120 hour flu! no more ER visits!! NO MORE seizures!

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Lisa Milton said...

We are so ready for swimming season. The kids look forward to the outdoor pool all year.

(Of course, until a week ago, it looked dismal. What a difference a few days make.)

So so glad your kiddos are feeling better.

Take care.