Sunday, June 22, 2008

not 100%

Thinking that I screamed loud enough, "NO MORE PUKING..." We thought it was done so we could leave her to go hit the fairways today. Ryan, me & my dad got the call on 18th green that Charlotte had thrown up again (the girls were with my mom). So we picked up the girls, took them home & Charlotte took an all afternoon nap & begged for food. Gave her apple juice & a banana & that came up an hour later.

The girls had waffles tonight. She screamed bloody murder for them, so WHATEVER... gave them to her.... put her in the bath where she was as happy as a clam... now she's in bed & I am waiting to see some waffles & syrup. i mean serioulsy... i give up?! She's starving, she wants to eat, but it just keeps coming back....

I will call the ped. tomorrow only because we are scheduled for remicade on thursday. where do we have to "be" to be able to get it ?!

Meanwhile, Ryan leaves tomorrow for a trip & says, "oh ya, i get to have dinner at the Biltmore on tuesday night... not sure what that is."
AH OOGA! WHAT?! The Biltmore is a 4-acre mansion built by Vanderbilt as a "get-away" retreat for him to relax & study art, music & horticulture!! It's insanely gorgeous in Asheville NC (Eastern side of NC, close to the Tennessee border, by the Great Smoky Mountains - so it looks just gorgeous there!). If you have time, look around on the website, it's amazing that a "castle" this magnificent (took 6 years to build) is in the US & so accessible. I would love to go back at Christmas time (uh-hem RYAN... i would LOVE to go back at christmas time!!!!).
Have a great time at dinner, my love (grrr...hiss....) :) Meanwhile.... I have puke to adore :) I think Summer MIGHT come!!!


Laura Stevens said...

I can't believe how long this has been going on. It's ridiculous! Maybe she has a parasite or something like that. Not that that would explain Emma. It's all very strange.

Congrats on your new TV! Too bad it took a week of the flu and a seizure for you to get it.

Lisa Milton said...

I can't believe she's still sick. Poor, poor thing. I hope the Dr. has some good advice...

Take care, pukey people.

Jacob's Mom said...

I hope she is finally feeling better today. Did the doctor ok the infusion for Thursday?