Monday, June 23, 2008

Holding my breath

Lots of whining & crying about our "tummy" this morning, but no puking.... Pediatrician said, "if fever: call me. otherwise, you might expect more puke..." he likes that she wants to eat, that just means theres a little something in her tummy that isnt allowing it, but everything else is good if she wants to eat & continues to eat, just "expect more...". GREAT :) but so far, nothing.

And I have Ellie & Charlotte playing Calico Critters & then they want to play ballet! Emma got a playdate today, lucky girl! Cuz then she goes to the dentist for him to see her big new teeth! :)

And I cant believe that Lance is coming to town on Sunday & the LIVESTRONG run is sunday - I havent ran in 2 weeks w/ all this NUTS around here... i better go do something so i can run 3 miles on Sunday :)


Jacob's Mom said...

Lance... How cool. So you are running?

Lisa Milton said...

Never fails - the exercise thing - you get in a pattern and life happens.

I'm sure you'll do great.

(Hope Charlotte continues to feel better.)