Thursday, June 5, 2008

Computer Fun for the Kiddo's

Here's a gathered LIST of all the COOL websites that kids can play around with this summer! There's more to the computer than WEBKINZ little people :)

Emma & her friends - YEE HAW Cowgirls!


LEslie Bradner said...

I was given your blog by a my friend Joanne in Mass. she is Jacob's Mom. My daughter Allison also has JRA. Funny thing when I looked at your site.......We live in Oregon too! We live in Albany. Small world. I have only had a chance to glance at your blog but will spend some time and look at it further. Great to connect with people locally going through the same issues. Leslie

Laurie said...

You added the button! Good job! Glad it worked. It wasn't hard, was it?

Have a great weekend with your kids and family!


Jacob's Mom said...

Erika, I have added your blog link to mine. Thank you for sharing your story. Joanne