Tuesday, June 24, 2008

1st howl of the season

I just heard the first howl of the summer from the coyotes that like to peruse the farmers field behind our house. The farmer just cut down the grass (will bail in a week or two after it dries) & I imagine the coyotes are looking for freshly killed animals that got in the way of the tractor.

But the howl of the coyote is soooo freaky. Before our big yellow lab, Riley, passed in april'07, he would hear them before I would. And he would FUHREAK out! He would stand on alert, we would usually be upstairs in my office, where I can see the field from my windows & he would go to the windows with a BEGGING face, so I would open it up so he could hear them & he would go NUTS. I said, "dont even THINK about it! you think I would let you out there???? Are you nuts? They would tear you to shreds." (not really but Riley was really tough in the head, not in reality :), he was a lovuh, not a fighta!). But now when I listen to them by myself, I think "what about the new little puppy we are planning to get NEXT spring or summer? He will definitely not be allowed to just roam the backyard by himself that first summer.... its freaky to hear the summer cries of the coyote!

As for Charlotte - no puking, no fever, continues to complain that her tummy hurts and she is DEFINITELY not 100% herself IN THE LEAST. At her last ballet practice today, she got upset at "something", stopped in the middle of the room, bowed her head and started crying. She didnt move from that spot for the rest of the lesson. She was mad. She wants me to carry her, and I think her body is just ... wiped. She fell asleep in the car, got home & I put her down for another super long nap. Then she went to bed at 8pm without a problem. She complains that her toe hurts, her foot hurts, she doesnt want to walk up stairs.... We will see Kingsbury at the remicade on thursday, but honestly - she's on MAJOR DRUGS.... she should be invincible. So I am hoping its just the residual of this nasty virus that really took a toll on her teeny little bony body (aye, aye, aye, that's another thing, i am about ready to start her on some sort of body building protein drink.... the little chubster in pictures from January is no longer....).

Eye appt tomorrow to continue our taper of the pred forte & make sure that we are still under control w/ Remicade & Mtx. Remicade is on thursday.

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