Thursday, May 29, 2008

Preschool's out for-EVAH!

Oh how I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ellie's preschool teachers/environment/experience. She's in PRE-K / so next year its off to kindergarten, although I am pretty sure she's ready to tackle OSU tomorrow, lets start off with Kindergarten (she loves to go, go, go!). Today we celebrated the last day of pre-k at the park w/ her friends & their families, and what amazing families we have met through preschool!

I will never forget the 1st day of the 4's class last year, wondering, "how do you meet mom's @ preschool?" Then it happened & the playdates happened (ours & theirs) & the emergency phone calls of "Oh my gosh I am totally late, can you pick her up?" happened & now we have amazing friends that are scattered around the area that have touched my heart, taught me their passions & most importantly shared themselves!

I include the teachers in that, they have become a part of our family, have been OH SO supportive during our news of Charlotte's disease, learned with us, shared with us. They are so loving to the children & are excited about their teachings & in turn it has gotten Ellie excited, she couldnt wait to go to school EVERY DAY!... They are crazy about Ellie & in turn, she thinks they are the cat's meow! Many of us will reunite when our younger ones start the same path of the 4's class one year, the pre-k the next (didnt make that cut off for the 3's class).


Lisa Milton said...

I missed it. I should have dragged myself away and been there for Austin too.

She is darling.

Lori said...

I completely agree - it has been GREAT! Caden might be in the same classes with Charlotte...wouldn't that be sweet?? :)