Sunday, May 4, 2008


Lemmetellya....State PTA Conventions put on a great show!! You sit & think & think & think & get jazzed & then realize you gotta find some volunteers. Alright, that's cool, but they will come!! They will come!

But the other cool thing is you get to sit in "closed" therefore forbidden hot tub until 1am, and then get to view other face cleaning regimens, talk makeup & try new hair dryers. This is just as vital & fun as learning about funding the outdoor play equipment at community elementary school!

And I am here to tell you - my life has been CHANGED! ITS TRUE!! ITS ABSOLUTELY TRUE! A good hair dryer makes a DIFFERENCE!!! It absolutely does! I didnt believe it before... and so I thought it was normal to put about 4 different styling products in my hair. That's normal right?

I forgot the styling products.... uh oh, i am foreseeing broom Hilda will be wearing MY name tag walking around representing! NOT SO!

Tried the new friend's hair dryer, my hair was as sleek as smooth as BUTTA! BUT - TUH! Remember ZERO styling products are in my hair & with the drying, it laid down smooth as silk & still had body! So now I am thinking, "YES! must get a new hair dryer! Where's my INSTYLE Magazine w/ the 157 Best Beauty Buys?" Becuase of course they are the MECCA of all knowing the BEST & MUST HAVES. And then... CANT FIND IT!

Help me! If you have it - what's the expensive and cheap hair dryers they recommend???? HELP ME! They recco two & i want to compare before the big purchase - I will be grateful! And lets see if its the same as new friends?!?!?


slp said...

I have no idea what the magazine suggests, but I use a Parlux and it works better than any others I've tried...I still have to use a smidgen of serum before & a little pomade after, but that's mostly because I blast my hair & don't use a brush in the process.

Lori said...

Oh, you must share your hairdryer find - I don't have that magazine...darn it. I would love a dryer to make the difference in my hair...and no product? WHAATTT??!!! Can't wait to hear...

Laura Stevens said...
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Laura Stevens said...

Ok looked online for you (because that's how much I love you!) And the Cheap one they recommend is the Conair Infiniti tourmaline Ionic Styler.,,20179254_20179255_20415495,00.html

The expensive one is theT3 Bespoke Labs Featherweight.,,20179254_20179255_20418008,00.html

What does your friend have?

Lisa Milton said...

I knew very important information was distributed at the convention...

Hope you had a fabulous time...

Erika said...

Ok here's the info from the dryer i used!

Brand: Revlon
Model: 1875 Professional Styler
Features: Tourmaline Ionic technology
- on/off switch for ionic usage
- ion select dial (more or less depending on your hair type)
- hot/warm switch
- high/low switch
- cold shot button
- turbo boost switch (not sure what this is....haven't used it)
- black in color with a slight neoprene non-slip surface for great handling

Comment/Review: I have thick but fine wavy hair that will frizz out if not styled just so. I find this dryer holds up to its claim of reducing frizz and drying hair faster.
Price: I bought it at Target. I think I paid near $30+ ??? I can't remember. I do remember it wasn't a sale item (cause I'm all about the bargin), but I really liked the looks of it and the features.