Sunday, May 25, 2008


I am listening to XM Radio / Sarah Van Breathnac author of Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy.

Its all related to what I am listening & reading lately about living in the now, law of attraction (getting what you want), appreciating the present, etc.

1. She recommends journaling each night 5 things you are grateful for that happened in your day.

Noting your daily gratitude helps you to start paying attention to the little things in your daily life & appreciating even MORE the NOW. Gratitude is transformational in our lives, it helps us be love, show love & grow in grace.

I am also reading Michael Losier's "Law of Attraction" about how every thought you have is a vibration in your body. And you may not get what you want, but you always get what you vibrate. So transforming your vibrations into positivity, love & gratitude will help you to achieve your goals.

They all relate. Its beautiful & I am appreciating having these messages in my life at a moment when we have been given the opportunity to understand & live with a sick child. To have these messages come into my life at THIS moment is a gift upon itself - its when I was ready to hear it. It was the right time to receive these messages & I appreciate that!

Here's what I have been doing this afternoon while listening to these messages, I was being creative & enjoying my art time!

1/4" headbands & 3/4" headbands w/ flowers.

New Alligator w/ teeth clips on the left (blue w/ polka dots) - they grip GREAT! & 10mm square snap clips w/ "non-slip grip" on the inside. As always, Tottie is my tester & they hold fabulous!


Laurie said...

Your headbands and barrettes are beautiful! You should start an online business selling these!

I need to start journaling. My problem is is that I can't write just short things. . . I like to write long, detailed notes. And if I don't have time, I don't do it at all. I really should just do it! Thanks for the reminder!

Tami said...

Okay, those headbands are so cute! Can you make them with smaller flowers for older girls???? By the way, you are one of the ones who inspired me to start my own blog:)