Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Emma HEARTS Organic Farming!

From Emma's 1st Grade Teacher:

Oh my goodness, I am laughing inside. This morning we learned about chickens and Emma gave her table group a mini lecture about “pestiveyes” and the importance of eating brown organic eggs.

From Emma's Babysitter this weekend:

Emma asked me if I ate organic or if I ate foods with "pestiveyes"?! Then she watched me eat strawberries & said that the seeds were going to come out in my poop like birds.

Can you tell that Emma has been learning about the FARM at school?! She's a walking OSU Vetrinary School right now, horses & farming & chickens = oh MY!


Lisa Milton said...

That's awesome. She'll grow up to be healthy and wise.

Loudest Mom said...

Love the smile (cute lil' Emma)! I owe you an email- just been crazy busy, as I know you have. I am going to catch up on my guilty pleasure (blog reading-LOL), and reply to your email now!