Friday, May 16, 2008

The Culprit: Trees & Grass

Evil Doings: Alter head/eyes/nose activities of 5 year old Ellie.

How Bad: She missed school yesterday because she fell asleep at noon, "I'll just take a quick nap..."

The Look: Eyes are watering, nose is dripping, cough is loud, spirits are up, but body wants to stay down. She's wiped!

Lockdown: Our AC is on, all doors & windows remain locked, we never open a window in our house. Ceiling fans are blowing in 3 bedrooms upstairs for circulation, the hepa air cleaner is buzzing in her room w/ the door shut.

YUM: Daily claritin ready tabs, 2x a day in each nostril of Nasonex, before bed clear out the nostrils w/ Sinus relief spray.

Timeline: By mid-june, this should all be over & she'll be in the water swimming like a fish every day & tanning with spf 50 like no one else in the family, her hair will get highlighted blonde from Mother Nature & we can all forget this short little time of the year when she feels absolutely miserable.


Lori said...

Austin told me that both Ellies were missing yesterday...and he is suffering badly from the seasonal allergies. I had them bad as a kid, and they are so much better now...but so miserable to have to deal with! We can only wait for the season to be over with ASAP! (but we do love the sun it comes with!) :)

Laura Stevens said...

Tell her I fell the EXACT same way, she's not alone, cousin Laura is feeling it too.