Thursday, May 8, 2008

Boston is Beautiful & So Are Her Eyes

Thanks for all the positives, THEY WORKED! Here's a super quick synopsis of our super quick trip :) A little jet-lagged, but thankful & happy & ready to celebrate Momma's day this weekend!

Charlotte travels like a champ! She did a great job in the airplane. Thank you Play-Doh & the Alaska Dig-E-Player (no inflight movie for a 5 hour flight - seem weird to anyone else?!?!).

Boston Cab drivers are NUTS & do not care to save the ears of innocent children with their colorful language towards other drivers. I have written down every word heard for our future "story" & wish I could share here, but its too offensive for a family blog. Just know that we were laughing the whole time & shaking our heads in disbelief & then to be funny, used that language on each other later in the trip for fun :)!

Marriott Residence Inn employees are the NICEST! And they have candy jars in the rooms full of yummy hard candies (& those were gone in about 24 hours).

Children with bows & sunglasses get a lot of attention. There's a theory for you :) And proved positive!! In Dr. Foster's office you were either 100 or Charlotte. So it was nice that little Miss Sunshine put a smile on the eye-patched patients.

Dr. Foster's office is AMAZING, efficient, professional, busy & BEAUTIFUL!

Dr. Foster's staff is equally all those things & more & nice!

For the guru himself - we couldnt be MORE appreciative & thankful that we made the trek cross country... & the diagnosis:

Charlotte's eyes are gorgeous according to uveitis specialist Dr. Stephen Foster. No damage, they are beautiful (details spared) & she's on the right cocktail of a weekly shot & monthly infusions (MTX & Remicade).

He wants us on that medical duo for the next 2 years as her body will slowly ween off it (as it grows) at the same dosage amount. We will see him in 2 years if life stays this good. We couldnt be more HAPPY! Bottom line he said keep your eye on the goal of getting the eyes controlled & staying off of the drops (they are steroids & can be just as damaging as NOT treating uveitis). We will ween those 1 hour per week LESS after our next infusion.

We celebrated! And everywhere we went, angels were planted to remind us to celebrate, to share in our joy of Charlotte & to give thanks! WE DID! I would like to thank the beautiful Italians in the North End for their warmth, humor & kindness that afternoon.

And while I know I am not one of their decendants & do not plan to move into that neighborhood (I heard from a local that they love visitors, but if you arent italian, dont even think about moving in there - for your own safety!!! Oh my gosh, Jersey has got NUTHIN on the North End - it was awesome!), we sure enjoyed our afternoon & looking at the gorgeous churches & reliving history that went through there (Paul Revere, the 1st Church, the 2nd Church, chains from Old Ironsides)!

What's a trip if I dont talk about the food????

Eat like a local! Cambridge Brewing Company paired their homemade brews to cheeses and fruit. OH MAH GAWD! Who'duh thunk, spare the wine, add the beer. It was the best treat after being on a plane for 5 hours (that was going, coming home, add 2 hours + headwinds).

Emma's Pizza is an AMAZING pizza place to celebrate - UNIQUE doesnt begin to describe the pizza we had but the NW has NOTHING like this & so we were just vocal with every bite on its yumminess (yes a little like Sally in when Harry Met Sally, but not as dirty, totally true to the food :)). Picture this - on our pizza was traditional sauce, mozzerella, bacon, yukon gold potatoes, cilantro, dried cranberries.

I cannot even BEGIN to tell you how the flavors of that combo blended in my palate to be the most AMAZING meal. Truly - i had to go with it when i read it... i didnt set any expectations but "wierd but ok" - OH MY WORD! And so! Every Emma (& the Ellie's that love them) is getting a shirt! Made friends with the owner. It might have been when he asked me to pipe down my OHMYGAWD THIS IS FANTASTIC :) hahahaha!!!

We did find our starbucks in the bottom of the marriotts scattered around (thank you!) but its funny, the locals prefer dunkin donuts iced coffee over anything! I didnt get to try it (darn it) but they swore by it. oh & they swore, did i mention that?
The subway rocks - it was pretty cool! Charlotte even got a honk & a wave from the driver as he wizzed past!

Harvard is gorgeous & bustling. But i just wanted to close my eyes & let the intelligence seep through my pores. Alas, its gated & locked up. !!! So we ate at a landmark across the street where we got to watch our daily dose of crazy front row style :) Tellin' ya, the people are colorful & fantastic :)
Charles River tour was an educational way to end our trip & relaxing too. Learned that Boston University is the #1 employer of Boston residents. 38% of the residents are college students (I cant even begin to name off all the colleges, but i suppose if you live there, there's no reason for your child to leave to attend school!!).

We missed the girls - The E's! - and started to plan our next trip with them in mind (would be fun to take everyone & plan a weekend around it!). We were pointed in some great directions this trip from my sweet friends sister & her contacts - so AWESOME! Thank you Katy! We brought back educational goodies (2 books, 1 on the presidents & "MAKE WAY FOR DUCKLINGS" which was set in Boston - caldecott winner, classic) & Charlotte brought home fun for them (lil'kinz) :)GREAT TRIP! We are tired & thankful! What time zone are we in NOW?


Lisa Milton said...

That girl's got spunk. And a bright future.

So so so glad you had a good trip.

Now take care. You've been one busy lady.

Heaven's Eye Phtotography said...

Amazing..relieving..awesome..nothing short of fantastic! I am so happy for you guys and I was so glad to see that smiling face of yours with your new found energy today at Mom's Day. Your smile said it all! K