Saturday, May 17, 2008

Got your 411 cards?

anyone need new biz cards?
during may & june, you get this beautiful card case w/an order of biz cards.
do you have your 411 cards, for when you meet those fun moms at the park & you want to get together again?
what about when the dr. wants to fax the results to you,
can you whip out your 411 card?
i have one friend who's in charge of her school auction -
what giving it to vendors? my other friend is working in the
city this summer at an internship law firm - what about your card for meeting up @ the Obama rally after work?
i just heart oblation & their classic letterpress
technique (much like
my favorite carrot & stick) & their
quality is thick, classic & quality. check out their site! & what a cute holder!

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