Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Uveitis Specialist

We are headed to Cambridge MASS to see the Uveitis Specialist, Dr. Stephen Foster.

We are booked for Tuesday, May 6th - we are expected to be there & go through a thorough exam that takes 3-4 hours. This will be just prior to our 3rd IV of Remicade (which we will come home for & get on Friday May 9th).

We are excited to meet Dr. Foster face to face, we are excited & optimistic about his exam. And this is the road! This is the road that we need to take for wellness & we are on our way!

Cambridge looks beautiful doesnt it? I will have a PTA state convention the weekend before, so hopefully we can leave with ONE fun day to explore Boston OR Cambridge. Boston in a Day - is there a book for that?! :) "Quick - there's where the Boston Tea Party happened. BLINK - QUICK there's where Boston Massacre happened. BLINK QUICK - there's the green monster home of the Red Sox!" :) ahhaha!! Actually I think in all seriousness, i will google John Adams & see what we could see around his life since its so top of mind for Ryan & I right now watching the HBO mini-series - its been FANTASTIC!

Well ... here goes the ride! :)

PS _ great political news - Senator from Oregon, Ron Wyden cosponsored the APCC act (Arthritis Prevention Control & Cure Act) HR 1283 - he is joining our WA Senators, Patty Murray & Maria Cantwell in co=sponsorship. Where is Oregon's republican senator Gordon Smith!??!

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Lisa Milton said...

I hope you get to sight see, at least a little bit while you are there.

I can't wait to hear what he's got up his sleeve...

(And the Juno CD? LOVE IT. Thank you again.)