Thursday, April 10, 2008

Remicade fun bag

This is Ba-Ba Baby Elmo. He's a gift to Charlotte on Friday & she will discover him when she opens up her little rolling suitcase full of fun things to do while we are at the hospital.

Friday (tomorrow) is the 1st Remicade IV, a 3 hour process, like chemo. We sit, hang out, the nurses up the speed of it every 15 minutes, they take her vitals, she screams at them, she gets used to it or she just gets worn out. Momma & Daddy laugh in nervousness knowing Charlotte is adamant & vocal in every way possible & hoping that the nurses dont think she's an ill-behaved child, hoping they understand how much she hates this but how its so vital for her health.

UGH. For those on remicade normally, I am sure you get used to it. For a 2 1/2 year old, hooked up to ANYTHING is awful. To be pierced with the needle is agonizing. To know you have to do it again... sad. At least we get to skip our methotrexate shot this week - the nurses will give it tomorrow with the remicade, so at least thats one less shot for her & not Momma's fault.

Her eye appt yesterday (we go every other week) showed that her eyes are still flared at a 2+. So this is the next step & we hope ba-ba baby Elmo will help ease the anxiety! I personally, could have a sedative & be ok admitting that :) But it will go by & it will work & life will resume.

Ryan has date night with Emma tomorrow & they are looking forward to an evening out to dinner & then to GOLFSMITH where Emma, like Ellie the week before, will get her own set of golf clubs in a cute pink bag! Lessons start in June, but the driving range is weekly to have a good time with us & hang with us! Charlotte begged tonight to go golfing with Daddy :) I am sure it wont be long, you cant keep that girl down when both older sisters are active!

Hey - on a shopping note - look what I got Tottie today, so appropriate right?

And Ellie SOOOO fits this shirt & I have been picturing this shirt for the 1st day of school since i first found it - some jeans, cute sassy blonde hair! This girl means business & that means the rock & roll of the alphabet :) GO ELLIE!Got these at
KITSEL w/ the promo code COOL for 10% off. Use it - there's some cute things!

Even cute shirts & Elmo's cant avoid the inevitable - need to continue packing that FUN bag for tomorrow! Keep the prayers & positive thoughts coming - we're going to get rid of this uveitis!!!

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Loudest Mom said...

Best of luck today! We're thinking of you :)