Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Nothing Cuter

I think that if I didnt get Charlotte into a dance class, there would have been major upheaval. Why would I think this? Only for the fact that when I last dropped Emma off at Ballet, Charlotte ran into the middle of the floor plopped down in protest & refused to leave screaming "MY BALLET, MY BALLET."

Thank you to the mom witnesses who whispered, "Um.... have you ever considered Kinderdance?" Kinder what? One phone call later & Charlotte has a PURPOSE for wearing the tutu!! (although you notice she didnt wear one here??? becaues she wanted to be like her sisters - and they dont wear tutu's!! Remember, this is SERIOUS business for this little girl!)

I dont think I have seen anything cuter (but I might have said that 4 years ago when I watched Emma in her 1st class in Eugene...). But for Charlotte & her appreciation for the love of movement, I have a different appreciation. I couldnt stop tearing up the entire time, I choked them back though & just snapped pictures from behind the glass wall like a classic mom stalker! :) The flash gave me away & Charlotte whipped her head around to see me & started waving emphatically! Oh that sweet girl!

Ellie asked if she had to go to school, "I want to watch Charlotte in her class!" So when I told Emma & Ellie that Charlotte has her OWN recital (becaues they are in one themselves), they were very excited! What a crack up - Charlotte in a recital, it makes me smile & shake my head at the antics that could arise at that little gathering :) Stay tuned - its in June!

FYI - while i am typing this, my 3 little sweeties are running around the downstairs & are playing the 2 little pigs & the big bad wolf. But it seems they are changing the story around a bit, i hear them saying, "Charlotte you are the big bad pig!" Yet there is a Big Bad Wolf too! "RUN! RUN CHARLOTTE, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!" Ellie is telling her :) hahaha!!


Loudest Mom said...

Toooooo cute :) And, Martha Stewart gave a huge ringing endorsement for "Etsy" today on the radio. I love Etsy too, but I know you've actually *purchased* :) I'm just a wannabe purchaser-LOL.

Lori said...

That is the sweetest thing! Girls are so different than boys though, aren't they? Love that they are acting out the play from preschool together - the boys were wearing the masks tonight too!

Thanks for sharing!

Lisa Milton said...

That big ol' smile! I'd be tearing up too.

(So glad she is able to go.)

I love those little outfits.

Laura Stevens said...

OMG I can just picture that recital. At one of mine during the littlest girls' performance one of them lost their shoe and she proceeded to sit down in the middle of the dance floor and put it back on. I think we have it on tape somewhere. It was Hilarious!