Friday, April 4, 2008

This Week's Shopping Finds

A browse through my "shopping" file brings up these finds this week (& PS, each heading has a link for you if you want to see it in the shop!):

I am accessory inept, but I saw this KOI fish (or is it a goldfish? See, now I am second guessing my knowledge of japanese vs. chinese fish... anywhoo...) & thought how fun it would be to put in our entry way & fill with our umbrella's (that we always grab to run up & down from the bus stop). $285... we should be able to find cheaper right?!?!?! Koi/Goldfish bring good luck right???

I am not a fan of this movie that came out in 2007. I didnt even get through the whole thing. But I have to tell you - from beginning to end - this is one of the best CD's I have listened to in awhile. Eddie Vetter is classic & soulful. Been listening to this so much, but how can it get to overload?!?! Never!

Eric Dane (Dr. McSteamy) said that he loves this smell when he was featured in INSTYLE. I think you had me at Vanilla & Patchouili (I know I dont share that smell with everyone, but for me, its crisp & clean - because I didnt go to UofO :)).

WHEN, i said WHEN we get the new pup (dont ask when...), you know he will be sporting this CUTE orange stripe leash & collar! These are super cute & made in SF!

My little ballerina's saw these & they instantly switched allegiance & now want to be mermaids. Yes, we will be sporting these at the pool this summer outside of lessons! i would have loved these growing up, how fun will this be? Bummer they dont come in an 8 1/2 - think of the leg workout you could get!! (PS - they come in boy SHARK fins!)

This looks like a fun game for our age set! ZINGO as they say: is a fast-paced, simple variant of Bingo. Players try to fill their image cards with matching tiles from the "Zingo Master," and the first player to fill his or her card wins. Zingo teaches shape and pattern recognition, as well as observation, and short-term memory skills.

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