Tuesday, April 29, 2008


This last week I went for my runs outside & without an IPOD. its amazing what you can hear & pay attention without extra noise. I was able to focus on my breathing & my motion & actually heard a lot more than that. The gratitude for my surroundings was extremely loud!

I just ran thinking how amazingly grateful I am for where I live. Here I was running next to a lake, there were no bombs, no war... I feel extremely privliged to live in such a beautiful & peaceful environment & country.

And when I see Mt. Hood looking like this, the gratitude flows even more. I am loving to live in a little bit more silence. Its been amazing what I have "heard" in the "quiet"!


Laurie said...

Hello! I found your blog from another. . .when I saw your picture pop up I knew exactly where this mountain was/is! Beautiful! We traveled there two years ago this month and loved your part of the country.

Nice to meet you!

Lisa Milton said...

I usually walk with my Ipod; I like the quiet. Time to think.

(Especially around Lacamas Lake. So gorgeous.)

Loudest Mom said...

I went running a week ago Sunday on top of "the hill" and saw the storm moving across the valley towards us, hail and all. It was beautiful (but mainly because I made it home before the rain hit-LOL). I agree though- moments like that drive home how lucky we are to live somewhere so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Pretty view. But it's still too cold up there. ;)