Wednesday, April 16, 2008


The love of ballet runs rampid through our house. And so the idea to capture this magical moment in time was taken to photographer extradonaire Lara Blair.
My beautiful prima ballerinas were captured so artisticly & so appropriately by Lara! She added us to her newsletter this month, so I cut & paste to share with you. We had a FUN session (Charlotte DID warm up after she got to jump up & down on the bed) but these pictures capture her PERFECTLY & the dynamics of those sisters! Looking a these pictures makes my heart sing... I shake my head as the love keeps coming out!

Lara is also one of those special people that you feel her heart every time you talk to her! I am working with her on a future benefit event for CARRA (her idea - UGH! WOW! LOVE!). More of that to come :)

The trio picture is going in Charlotte's room above the actual tutu that will hang from a custom hanger I had made from a woman in Dallas (I LOVE ETSY!). Its art - its awesome - its Charlotte! That's how we will always remember her climbing into chairs -that sweet little bum :) And the tutu worn EVERY day!

The portrait of our sweeties will be in BW & will go over our mantle in the LR. That was debated for awhile/do you vs do you not. But you know what - this is so artistic, so whimsical, so happy, its a piece of art I want to see when we go into that room for a LONG TIME! UGH! LOVE THESE GIRLS!!!
Thank you Lara!!


Lori said...

So very sweet!!

Lisa Milton said...

Great shots - love watching Charlotte climb in the chair.

Heaven's Eye Phtotography said...

Your concept turned out awesome and I love what Lara did with the girls. K

Loudest Mom said...

The pictures are beautiful - especially cute lil' Charlotte. I love the way her personality comes through :) I miss my girls in we just have smelly soccer cleats!