Thursday, March 27, 2008

Life doesnt stop!

I will admit how I handled yesterday's news. Only to relieve the guilt :) Emma wasnt feeling so well on Easter, so she passed up her Moonstruck Chocolate solid bunny. Its been sitting on the counter all week & she hasnt mentioned it, I think (hope) she has forgotten about it....

Cuz momma needed some chocolate yesterday. Thank goodness he was only about 2.5 inches high cuz I couldnt stop at just biting off the years, then came the head & whoosh it was gone...

And my body did pay for it this morning. My body does NOT like anything past 7/8pm, it doesnt like things i am shouldnt have... it tells me! And it told me today.

My plan: Take Emma to moonstruck for a 1:1 date. She gets what she wants :)

So life keeps going & for Emma & Ellie - wow how they have grown this year:

Ellie 43 1/4"
(growth of 3" from 4-5 years old) 65%
43 lbs (+ 4lbs) 70%

Emma 46 1/2"
(growth of 2" from 6-7 years old) 30%
52 lbs (+ 5lbs) 60%

1 comment:

Lisa Milton said...

Who could blame you? Tough, tough day.

(They are darling...)