Monday, March 3, 2008

Eugene Road Trip

I took the girls on a road trip down south to celebrate our friend, Phoebe, turning 7. Phoebe is one of our favorite people in the world & its logical since her Mama is a favorite & the apple doesnt fall far from the tree. But honestly, they are one of those families, you love them all!! So lets not leave out the love for the boys: Eric, Cole & Alex. We had a fun time at Phoebe's gymnastics party where the girls got to jump, swing & have fun with Phoebe's school friends! Its a road trip that needs to happen more often, and will more frequently now that Charlotte is getting better at being in the car because Eugene has some AMAZING food & friends - and I miss them both! :)
The girls are ready to GO! We took Daddy's new car.

Charlotte LOVED the gymnastics! And I loved it too. After watching a child with arthritis freeze in pain for a month & then barely hobble around, you appreciate watching them run & utilizing every single joint they have as they speed run across the trampoline.

You never take their mobility for granted again. Ever.

Ellie in brown pants, red shirt running to the next event!

Phoebe in blue & Emma in the plaid wait their turn to jump on the trampoline.

Phoebe in motion!

Emma in motion!

Fun times! Thanks friends!


Laura Stevens said...

Woo Hoo finally got the new car! And did I read right, you miss Eugene? Only kidding, sounds like you girls had fun.

Lisa Milton said...

Ms. Might Be Headed to Eugene needs to know where this gymnastics party happened?

Yes, I have made you my go-to person.

(I love Charlotte's bow.)

Glad you had a good time.

Loudest Mom said...

Great pictures! And, congrats to Emma on the Blue leotard :)