Saturday, February 9, 2008

Yes we can

A Vote For Obama!

This afternoon I participated in the Washington State Caucus.

It wasnt at all what I expected. I expected about 10 old ladies & men gathered around in a quiet school library.

What I walked into was complete chaos, mass numbers, hot, overcrowded, unorganized craze in a school cafeteria. I saw people I knew, other parents from our school, neighbors, educators. I should have known it would be crazy when the night before I get an email from the WA STATE DEMS saying "Our phones here at State Party headquarters are ringing off the hook, and our press director has been swamped by calls from the media. We know this: blah blah blah... The february 19th primary does not count (the ballot we sent in last week) in selecting delegates. If you want your vote to count, you must caucus."

So the ballot = a big waste of money & it means...??? nothing? Someone has really got a lot of explaining to do. This was ALL over the national liberal radio on Friday on what a big cluster this was/is. Just a mess...

Once people knew where to go (to their precinct gathering) in the cafeteria, we gathered in our precinct around a few tables in the school cafeteria. There were probably 5 precincts represented. Each precinct counted their votes.

Our precinct had 80 votes (& there were bigger precincts, so I would guesstimate about 3-500 people voted today in just my area - pretty big turnout - impressive when you understand that the majority didnt "get it").

Here's how my precinct votes went down:
67 Obama
10 Clinton
2 Edwards
1 Undecided

A. We had one republican who brought his cute little daughter Reagan! He voted for Obama!

B. Why would you come to this thing undecided? That didnt make any sense to me at all. So, there were people all around the undecided person trying to sway her becaues her vote truly did count. If she went to Obama, then Obama's group would have nine delegates, clinton 1.But as it went... Obama 8 delegates, Clinton 2 delegates.

C. Why would you keep your vote for an unviable candidate? We couldnt get the Edwards votes (husband/wife combo with WA STATE Cougar sweatshirts) to go to either side. People said "no , no that's ok, we respect your vote." WHAT?!?!?!?!?? It was a complete waste. I dont respect outright stupidity wrapped in selfishness. I love the "well our vote will show the party... blah blah blah." It shows NOTHING, its a WASTE of a vote. You just wasted your vote, it doesnt make any sense, no one is reading into anything, you think you are taking some heroic stand & in reality you are wasting a vote! And in turn... yes, it was selfish.

So of those 8 delegates moving on in the process of becoming a delegate from WA STATE to the DNC, I am one. Yay! One step forward in hopefully getting to the DNC. Its a long road but one step closer!

Obama took Washington in a BIG way tonight . I gave a little speech for my preinct & shared that we are in such an amazing place right now with two extremely qualifiied & distinguished candidates to choose from. But what our nation needs right now is some healing & we need a big world bandaid with our repuation. The perception of America is that we are the country who thinks "you are either with us or against us." We have a lot of mending to do from the cowboy's attitude of "my way or no way." In the PR picture, Obama is a healer who has the respect of men, women & varied ethnicities who can regain friendships in order to bring peace to our world. I think more of my vote, but i kept it pretty simple today. There were some very passionate speeches given - 2 for Hillary, given by women. They were moving! Truly respected, they were awesome!

I brought a sign home that says "OBAMA 08" and Emma immediately said, "Give me that, I am going to rip it into pieces! i can't believe you didnt vote for Hillary!" :) Oh i am so proud of her & her opinion! I cant wait to take her to the OBAMA rally this summer/fall, whenever they make their stop like Kerry did! Emma was 3 & Ellie was 1 when we attended their first rally! Uh-Mazing! Will be fun to do again!! I embrace her difference of opinion! It means she's thinking!! That's all I can wish for!

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Barbara said...

First, thank you for letting me share in your blog. I have now realized I'm so out of the tech world that I need to get on it and create our family site.
Second, I'm really miffed about our Washington voting process. I'm a graduated Poli Sci/Gov't major and the fact that my household ballots won't count is really unnerving. No wonder people lose faith in the system and process. I didn't read ANYWHERE on our little Primary Information Packet that in order to be heard you must attend a caucus. I wasted two stamps!!! My kids are getting excited too because I'm a huge CNN junkie so the day we mailed those ballots we were feeling pretty proud. So what happens on February 19th? I would have LOVED to participate to make our voice heard. May be it is because we are new to the area and aren't familiar.
So, who do I complain to? 'Cauz I want to....badly. I also want to send Hillary an apology that two more people could have made a little difference for her.
By the by.....I'm an Independent who feels you should be able to vote for the best candidate....any party, even that funny little Green one. I am a big Hillary fan, however as of the last few days it looks like cutie Obama is going to ride it in. And I can support that.
Hope all else is well. Georgia has been very sick the last three days. Heading to the doc today to hopefully get a diagnosis and some drugs.
Yap at ya later.
Your pal - Barbara Wimmer (disgruntled voter)