Friday, February 22, 2008

Fabulous Friday

1. Emma got the call from the bigs on Thursday to move up to Ballet 1 from her pre-ballet class. She is very proud & very excited about this sport that she takes so seriously & so passionately! She changes from a pink leotard, to a blue. Yay, yay, yay!

2. Ellie got a call from the bigs the next day to move into Emma's pre-ballet spot from her current Creative Dance class & is VERY proud as this gets her closer to her goal of being a "professional ballerina" when she grows up (along with a firefighter, a pilot, a traveler, a gymnast, a golfer... there's one more but I cant remember at the moment).

3. Charlotte has consecutively gone potty ALL WEEK. mind you, i cant keep clothes on the girl while we are at home, but that's all for the ease of hoppin' up on the potty (i guess... i hope). I do believe that i need to get her registered into a kinderdance class, she would sooo enjoy it. I found this CUTE leotard/tutu at FancyPants today - have to go back & get it for her 3rd birthday (in september, hope i can last that long...). These women make these tutu's that have vintage appliques on the front, they are amazingly beautiful!!!

It was a fabulous Friday! Ellie, Charlotte & I went to playgroup with Treehouse friends, went & picked up Lunch @ Artino's & delivered to Emma & then went to recess with her. I got to witness Ellie's first tetherball game, against her big sister too :) Everyone was very patient. Ellie got a tad frustrated she didnt know how the rules & was like "well whatever" after she lost to Emma, & went to the monkey bars. Emma's friends are SO sweet to Ellie & Charlotte when we come to play, they really enjoy it! Then today wrapped up our last class for each of the girls before they start their new classes next week!

I run the long run tomorrow & then head to the chiropractor for a few hours having some ME time with a massage then a crack from the dr. OH YUM it will feel soooo nice, i may have to run again in the afternoon, i am sure i will be feeling like a new girl! :) Today was another gorgeous day, the weatherfolks continue their lies... Ryan got out to fertilize & mow the yard, that's a TRUE sign of spring! The birds are back & my bulbs are popping up & I hope they make it up in time for an early Easter!

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Dry Land said...

We are sooo proud of all our Sweeties! So many wonderful landmarks happening in their lives and all at the same time!! Makes up for some of those dark days, doesn't it!! Can't wait to be home to see them all and oh, you and Ryan too! :)

Dad & Mom

p.s. proud of you running accomplishments!!!!