Friday, February 1, 2008

Charlotte's Eyes Respond to Methylpred!

We saw our opthalmologist today & here's my recap to our pediatric rheumatologist:

Great news Dr. Kingsbury! Charlotte responded to treatments!
Both eyes showed Zero trace – nada - nothing!!!! I had her repeat that in different ways! Whew... One step forward.

Drops: Goodman dropped the topical eye drops to every other hour.
Oral: We did 5 ml’s this AM. She said its up to you how you want to handle the oral moving forward.
MTX: Next shot is Monday, that will be week 5. Remind me again when we can hopefully see it kick in – 6-8 weeks or months? (I thought weeks, Goodman thought months)

Next Eye Check Appointment:
She said we could come & see Julie Yu in 1.5 weeks, didn’t think that it would make much of a difference to come in a week versus a week & ½. However, we can’t get in for 2 weeks (the 15th - so a difference of 2 days - hopefully wont make a difference). Let me know if you think since we can’t make the 1.5 week work, & its 2 weeks, if Charlotte should see her next week & THEN the following week (every week instead of every other)? Did that make sense?

Ryan & I are SO happy she responded to the treatment. One step at a time! Now we shift the focus to weaning her off the steroids & keeping the inflammation at bay.

Whoo hoo! Good news! Let us know your thoughts! Best, Erika


jlcday said...

We are very excited for Charlotte!! I'm glad this week was worth it in the end!

Aimee Davis said...

Thank God Charlotte is responding to the Methylpred. That is such fabulous news!! My thoughts and prayers have been with you all- Thank you so much for including me on your list to receive updates. Much love & support- Love & miss you my friend!!

Loudest Mom said...

Yay Charlotte! That is fantastic news, and news I'm sure you have been anxiously waiting for.

darcy said...

This is FANTASTIC!!! I am thrilled for all of you, what great news!