Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Charlotte got another clean bill of healht on her eyes today - YAY! Our opthalmalogist is going conservative on dropping the eye drops & i agree with that route. We are staying with drops every 3 hours & dropping the oral prednisolone by .5 ml's every week. So we will see if that keeps steady & then in two weeks, we see the Dr. again & THEN maybe decrease drops. By that time we will be on 2.0 ML of prednisolone.


Emma went to the appointment today, she had never been to see what Charlotte endures & it was funny, Charlotte was pretty proud to show big sister how she puts her head in the stirrup for the slit lamp :) Emma asked a lot of questions on our way home which was helpful for me to explain arthritis in the eyes to her in a different way (since obviously she wasnt absorbing my explanations before). I asked her this time, "did that make sense to you?" and she asked follow up questions so I think she is starting to understand. I said, "Becaues I would like to write a book for you so you can share with your friends about Charlotte & what arthritis is & what it does. Did that make sense?" And then she was all excited about Mom maybe becoming an author. We will see!

Then Emma went off to her 1st day of Ballet 1. She was VERY serious about this class & thank goodness we had a new leotard to wear to feel confident in! She ran into Becca who is in JR. High & helps with the pre-ballet class. Becca said, "Emma did you move up? (big hug) Good for you! I will miss you!"

Emma said "I told Ellie 3 things for her to do so she can move up & be with me! "
1. Dont talk at the bar
2. Concentrate and...
3. Do the best you can

Emma is SEVEN. Sometimes she blows me away.
A. she wants younger sister to be in class with her &
B. ballet is serious stuff that she respects!

My parents return from their snow-bird trip on Friday. I have missed them, I am excited for them to be back & the girls are THRILLED! I am sure Marmee will be shocked by them all & we will hear "you grew two feet! look at your hair, Charlotte goes Potty?!?"

Ok yes! That one is true! we have been working hard on that for the last 2 weeks & we are doing great (at home! away is hard, she wants her smaller seat!). I still cant keep pants on her at home...

Ryan heads to Sacramento, then Phoenix for a big presentation with big whigs in his company. Its important for him, HOWEVER... the poor boy was in bed at 830 tonight with chills, aches & a sore throat. Are we not immune to the GUNK that 's been going around?!?!?!? I am popping the vitamin C & my hands are about to fall off from all the washing! Ellie has a special day at school tomorrow, but I am not sure she is 100% either, have to play her by ear tomorrow: sore throat, cough, but no fever until tonight (maybe), i havent officially checked, she just seemed hot & very tired, & took a bath to "get rid of my aches in my neck." Not a good sign....

When are my parents coming home again?!?!?!?!? :)


Lisa Milton said...

First of all: Hooray for Charlotte!! I am so glad there have been some amazing improvements.

And next: Duck and cover. Lexi's cough morphed into fever/puke overnight. Yikes.

Lysol anyone?

(Thanks for the RMLS tips too.)

Lori said...

Did Ellie make it to beach day today? Hope she didn't catch the junk going around! Sounds like lots of kids at school have had it...

We delivered 7-up to Ms. Lexi this morning - and talk to Lisa from a FAR distance. Yuck!!

Take care!

Laura Stevens said...

totally awesome