Friday, February 15, 2008

Baby Blues

Two weeks after Charlotte's IV treatment for her uveitis & we are progressing in the right direction! Slowly tapering down the steroids (oral & topical) & Charlotte has zero trace of cells.

We are currently on week 6 of MTX & hopefully that has kicked in. We feel optimistic & we defnitely celebrate every step of the way, however we arent out of the woods yet according to our Pediatric Rheumatologist. Which is a good reality check, we cant think this is conquered, we take it slow, week by week & so far we have had positive appointments since the IV pulsing.

Ryan took our E & E skiing today & so I asked my FG1 (JRA Support Group co-leader) if she wanted to join me for the appt, she came & we talked over coffee afterwards for several hours. I love & appreciate her so much!

Here’s our medication regime & the tapering:
Charlotte is on eye drops every 2 hours (pred forte). Dr. Yu (our opthalmologists partner while Dr. Goodman is on vaca) said to continue every two hours this next week, then drop down to every 3 hours.
2.15-2.22 Pred Forte Every 2 hours - Oral Prednisolone 3.5 ML
2.23-2.27 Pred Forte Every 3 hours - Oral Prednisolong 3 ML (drop .5 every week)
2.27 Our next Appt w/ Dr. Goodman

YAY! Great way to start the weekend!

PS - i havent heard the update on the skiing yet, Emma got whisked away to Ballet Class by Ryan. He had the camera & everyone said they had a great time. While putting Emma's hair in a bun she said "I had a GREAT time DUDE!" what?! Are you a snowboarder now?! Ryan siad the mountain was just gorgeous! Emma's friend birthday party was yesterday, I think I will put her to bed at 7pm tonight after a long two days (they were up at 615am to get to the mountain! Yes me too, getting them ready - oye!).


Lori said...

It's she in bed? I'm ready for bed too, after Austin got up at 5am this morning. WHAT??? It's been a long day!

Glad to hear that all is going well with Charlotte - wonderful news! :)


Laura Stevens said...


Lisa Milton said...

Oh, I'm finally catching up. So glad to hear the Charlotte is doing well. She is such a cutie.

Hope you have fun in Eugene.