Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tornado was nearby

Yes, near us (about 10-15 miles NW) of us/Neal & Cathy, there was a tornado that hit down. I can't believe the damage. But we were fine. So very bizarre for SW Washington. We actually heard the thunder & said "?THUNDER?" We usually don't hear thunder around here till spring (when our weather starts conflicting with each other). All is ok with us.

I love being inspired & educated by friends! My friend Krista is a professional organizer & she came up with a great thought this year of instead of new years resolutions which can be a little bit on the negative side or daunting in details, raise it up a level and create a THEME for yourself for the year. I LOVE THAT IDEA! We are always working on things we could do better (cook healthier, have more patience, consistently exercise), so I took Krista's advice and decided to create my theme for this year. I am going to continue to noodle it this week & see if it continues to work for me or if i need to alter it in anyway, I then I will begin using it & sharing it!

Emma has been very excited about the author JAN BRETT this week & its always exciting to see them passionate about something they are grasping & soaking in at school! She & I colored tonight & I hadn't read "The Mitten" in quite awhile (from Marmee & Poppa) so i forgot the style in which Ms. Brett illustrates, but Emma was quick to point out that i needed frames around my page (around the picture), so i made an argyle frame (my favorite thing right now). Emma LAUGHED & said "that's cute mom but that doesn't look like Jan Brett." I appreciated her knowledge & her appreciation of my attempt to follow a style :)

She brings home a family journal every Thursday where she writes to one of us & we write back & she reads it in class. Today she wrote Ryan and asked, "Who are voting for? Hilaree or Obama?" And then she drew a picture of Hillary, Edwards & Obama!!

Ellie made "Stone Soup" today at Treehouse. And i have a hard time believing the story..."We made stone soup & it had one rock in it plus carrots, white onions, green beans, shell noodles, tomatoes... I think that's it. And i LOVED it. The boys didnt try it but all the girls did & we had it for snack & I wanted more." I am emailing her teacher and asking for the recipe for this magical soup because if Ellie is eating vegetables, I want to see this for myself!

Ellie, Charlotte, Ryan & I visited a kinder/preschool today for Ellie & Charlotte for next year. We havent had the chance to compare notes, but Ellie was very excited about it & it would be a supplement to going to our neighborhood public shcool for kindergarten. We recognized one girl in the class who practices that routine, private kinder in the AM, home for lunch, public school in the afternoon. This little girl is in Emma's pre-ballet so I am going to talk to the mom tomorrow about her research & experience.

Can Charlotte do a preschool??? Right now, these meds are really making her a little bit testy, grumpy, tired, needing a binky (binkee & bankee are the 2 things she cant live without). I told her no binky's allowed at preschool, but she had no interest in sitting still watching the class of 3 year olds. She went between my lap & ryan's lap acting very tired. She was GLUED to all the children when they were all together singing (the entire school meets 1st thing in the AM & sings together, kinders lead - sooo Ellie AND Charlotte's cup of tea - and they would be together which could help Charlotte with the transition).

I went to the eye dr. today for the 2nd time in 2 weeks to check on my "scratched cornea" and we put plugs in my lower tear ducts to help retain my natural tearing (? i have some?!). I have the dryest eyes & have since college (remember mom's weekend Gina?! I wore an eye patch & looked like a pirate). Hopefully the new plugs will help. It was fun to have just Ellie there, so i could explain what was going on & she intensely watched with great interest. Dr. or Nurse - something in the medical profession, I keep working on her, but she insists she will not have TIME to be 'at the dr's office" when she is a professional ballerina touring the world. I give in and say "oh ok Ellie... but if you tour the world, you know i will follow you & watch you on every stage." She's very ok wtih that. She's 5!

We shall see if we get to playgroup tomorrow (our favorite Friday thing to do for Ellie & Charlotte where 2 big gyms are connected and opened up FULL of toys/balls/bikes to play with) because I can hear Emma sniffing & coughing...

Ok just got done writing Alexis Stewart an email & Perfect Puree an email. I want to bring them together!! I am going to attempt to make the Pate de Fruits that Alexis made for her holiday gifts (see blog 10.21.2007 - 10.28.2007), but the puree she uses is imported. Perfect Puree is out of Napa & run by women (Local & Women driven! Let's support that!). Lets see if I get a respsonse from either, but it was an attempt for a worthy union!


Lisa Milton said...

Sorry I am such a nosy medical geek, but when you mentioned the dry eye thing it got me thinking. With Charlotte's diagnosis, showing there is autoimmune disease in your family, has anyone mentioned sjogrens?

Not that there's a lot to do for dry eyes. I use the way too expensive restasis, but have considered the plugs too.

You'll have to tell me how it works. I'm very curious.

Lori said...

Hi - that stone soup story that Ellie told you is the same one that Austin told me - must be true! Did you get the recipe? :)


Erika said...

This is from our teacher - very funny: The soup was kind of an interesting class dynamic. One of the boys announced he did not like vegetable soup (rather emphatically) and thus not a single boy would try it. On the other hand one of the girls could hardly wait she was so excited and thus every girl just had to have some. So the boys basically watched the girls eat so we teased that the girls were going to get strong from eating their vegies!
All I did was buy some organic vegetable broth from Safeway and we added an assortment of canned veggies-green beans, peas, potatoes, corn, white beans, diced tomatoes and some pasta. And since it was "stone soup" I tossed in a bit of vegetable bouillion for the stone. We just cooked it til the pasta was done and it was actually amazingly tasty! I believe Ellie was one of the girls that had seconds! The sea shell noodles dominated as they were large and they were the best part I think. Anyway the girls all loved it.

gina marie said...

How about dry eyes all of Spring Term!!!