Friday, January 18, 2008


I also sent that same email to a specialist at Stanford: Dr. Ira Wong & got a response:

You are lucky to live in the same town as Dr. Rosenbaum. He is both a rheumatologist and an uveitis specialist and has created a group of well regarded uveitis specialists like Justine Smith and Eric Suhler. He has an international reputation for his research. Without knowing more I am predicting that Dr. Rosenbaum will start methotrexate on a weekly basis. In my practice if I cannot get complete suppression of the inflammation with steroid eyedrops, I will switch
to methotrexate to avoid the complication of steroid-induced cataracts. Also the methotrexate will treat the joint inflammation. Dr. Foster's website, has a webpage on methotrexate which isinformative.

Prednisolone acetate 1% is the generic form of Pred Forte. In the past there was a difference between the generic and the brand product. Recently, the generic companies learned how to grind the particles to be as small as Pred Forte so there is usually no difference between the two preparations. If there is any problem getting to see Dr. Rosenbaum, I would be glad to see your child. Or a closer alternative, is Dr. Russ Van Gelder, who recently took over the chairmanship position of University of Washington, Seattle. Russ is another premier uveitis specialist.
Sincerly, Ira Wong

So we are ON mtx, yet on the topical & oral AS WELL. ??? Wait for dr. foster

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Lisa Milton said...

In my non-expert opinion, they may be using the steroids in an effort to halt the inflammation until the mx works its magic.

{I can't imagine how hard it must be to deal with it. Ug.}