Monday, January 28, 2008

Today starts the week

So today starts 3 days of hanging out with Tot at Emanuel & just saying the words "hanging out" I smile because I think thats one of my biggest anxieties. Does a 2 1/2 year old "Hang Out?!" you know the answer to that.... And ESPECIALLY you know that if you have met Miss Firecracker herself! I know the nurses at Emanuel are like no other, I know they are amazing, I will just have to experience the 1st day to know & understand.

It was nice to have some friends over tonight, so I am not stressing about tomorrow, it gave all of us something FUN to focus on! This is a pretty cool decorating product: And Ryan was sweet enough to share in the girls celebration by opening up a favorite wine of his parents! YUM~

And TOTTIE!!!! She went POTTY tonight!!! Oh my word, i freaked & I would have been DANCING & SCREAMING & CELEBRATING even bigger than i did if the party wasnt going on, but i didnt want to scare the girlfriends! She did it ON HER OWN, told Ryan she needed to go potty, he put her on, she didnt do anything & got off, Ryan told her that wasnt anything, and so she got back on & went tinkle!!! FANTASTIC!!! I gave her SMARTIES candies & she was pretty happy with that!! The friends said "Erika what if she POOPS in the potty?! What do you give for that?!?!"

Are you kidding me?! A PONY!!!! Momma will get you a pony :) AHAHHA!!! Riley was about the size of a small pony, want one of those?!?!?! But that's what we are working towards, we will investigate Lab puppies once we get this potty training on a flow & once we get this uveitis under control too!

Let's hope the schools dont pull another weeny "snow day" tomorrow because we had today off, but they still cancelled the teachers training & school was cancelled for all the districts around us. I have no clue why, I am sure there was something somewhere, but there wasnt enough for us to play outside. Ryan got up, went to starbucks & came home, not an issue. But if tomorrow is cancelled... oye, that throws the entire schedule off with our hospital visit... wont even think about it unless i have to. SO!

I am going to take pictures tomorrow, I am going to document our day. I expect nothing but positive things, it will all flow, amazing dr., amazing nurses, supportive facility, Ryan & I together for support to help Charlotte be ok with the sitch. Have to wake up tomorrow, make lunches, get Emma on the bus, Ellie to Blake's to play & head in. I have Tot wearing a tank top tomorrow, with leg warmers on her arms. I worry that the removal of clothes could send her offf, so trying to eliminate that. And thank goodness her new Binky Bling arrived today, just in time! She was showing it off to everyone "Look my new binky!!" Very proud! It's gorgeous Annie, & gave the girls & I another good reason to talk about how we miss your girls! (i would link to Annie's site, but its not up :(... oh annie!!!).

Oh super quick, the Physical Therapy on Saturday was great - 1:1 with the therapist who led us through some activities to show us how to identify if charlotte is favoring or having pain (& not sharing it). She did say that one calf is a bit bulkier than the other (we didnt notice till she did) based on earlier compensation, so she gave us some exercises for that to help her build back the muscle. It was good, I appreciated it! She gave us things I would not normally think to look for or help facilitate.
We would have done a quick through of dwtwn nordies, but our babysitter called to tell us our driveway was a sheet of ice! So we drove straight home to see that the rain that hit the windows had formed a complete sheet of ice on the house shingles too. The driveway, sidewalks, all ice until early afternoon. It was so bizarre. Welcome to January!


Lisa Milton said...

Rock on Tottie and her potty.

That's gotta be good stuff, right about now.

Lori said...

Hope the week goes well for you all. We'll be thinking of Charlotte - please let us know if we can help in any way. Ellie is always welcomed over in the mornings before school. :)


stephanie said...

Hi - I came to you via my bff Lisa, to wish you as much calm & peace as possible while you're at Emanuel. We spent a few days in NICU there when my son was born and the staff was indeed wonderful. Plus, there was a Three Lions Bakery downstairs and after a certain time things are half price. (!!)

Be well*

Dana said...

Thank you Ryan and Erika for sharing your fabulous wine...we will celebrate soon with a bottle of your favorite Erika!

You are in our thoughts and prayers everyday and I know things will go smoothly for you guys at Emanuel.