Tuesday, January 8, 2008

MTX Shot

Last night we gave our first shot to Tottie with help from our sweet nursing friend Laura who came over & coached us every step of the way. A couple of things: Thank God for Riley dog who definitely toughened us up on the art of shot giving. His life & his battle with diabetes was such a gift to us that continues to teach & help us. Miss you Riley!

So! It wasn't super horrible bad. I did the shot giving, i needed to with Laura there so i knew how to do it & i could feel it being done. and there's something about doing it yourself, you know that it cant be that horrible if its you giving it. I don't know if that even makes sense.... but anywhoo!

Weekly now, every Monday evening will be shot time & I hope we start to see some great improvements with the eyes. We are on day 3 of the prednisolone orally & its not affecting her sleep habits (yay) but it has made her a little emotional which in turn is helping her sleep better! So all is going good....

Craftwise - went to Costco yesterday & they had this 18 piece snapware craft set for $18! (its the little things i know but...) its TREMENDOUS, so i organized my ribbons & flowers for my hair clip/bow making & will get back into it as soon as i have a handle on the scrapbooks (that's tonight - i love making these books online, it cuts out the hassle of printing photos, & spending time creating the pages!)

I swear I talked to Sue London herself today which was a THRILL, she was in INDIA (ya, wow!) & told me exactly how her shoes should fit, what color i should get (rhodesia?! what a name) & said that Martin+Osa in Bellevue will carry SOME. Wow!!

I am investigating birthday party ideas/options for Emma & will try & talk her into having a party at an art glass studio with her friends & make bracelets! How fun would that be?!

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